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  1. Trying to decide which game to get mostly for online but looking for a social active community cod seems a bit young and hardly any talking ATM but I dunno maybe just me
  2. as far as muilty get bf3. it is a lot more fun
  3. N I forgot how could I forget halo 4 in the mix lol
  4. Maybe this video will make up ur mind n pick Bf3 lol. dont know why but it cant be viewed on cellphones I think it's cuz the song on it is copyrighted [ame][/ame]
  5. honstly... ac3 for single and bo2 for multi and bf3 for vehicles

  6. Nah, there's an option when uploading a video to allow mobile users to watch it. That person probably didn't tick that option. Stupid, imo, cause it limits the amount of views it can get.
  7. far cry 3 is boss for single player, and multiplayer isn't that bad either.
  8. Well just got rid of black ops 2 think il give far cry 3 a go and buy it tomorrow :)
  9. Good game, but the worst choice to make if you're going for a social and active online community.

    BF3 is the best, especially with premium. BF3, BO2, and Halo 4 are so different that it's really up to preference. They offer much better multiplayer than Far Cry 3, but FC3 has the best offline gameplay.
  10. I am that person lol and I did put that option for mobile viewers can watch it but it still doesn't let me watch it. I put up the same video without the music n it worked.
  11. black ops 2 most definately. bf3 on anything but pc is a dissapointment.
  12. How about if we add to the mix halo 4 and gears of war 3
  13. no gears of war 3 unless you want to pay for the expansions. its boring as hell if you play vanilla
  14. Dude, pretty much any multiplayer game these days require you to pay for extra content in order to get the full experience. They come with a few maps at first, and then they charge like 1/3 of the game's overall price just to get a few more maps that should've been included from the start.

    They make you buy a 60+ dollar game and then make you buy another 50+ in dlc. Over $100 a game!? The price of fun is going up these days.

    Halo 4 is the worst I've experienced so far. Don't get me wrong, good game, as are the other new titles that I'm including in my rant, but the new Halo came with some shitty maps imo. And the crimson map pack is a joke. Didn't like any of them.

    I'm just one man though. Sorry if I upset any fanboys.

    I just don't feel like they're going about dlc the right way. The option of adding content is never a bad thing, but dumbing down the basics so that you basically have to buy dlc is fucked.

    Rant over lol
  15. Don't get Black Ops 2, at least not if you want to play multiplayer.


    The game is literally broken. My KDR is completely random, I can go from like two games where I get a 10kdr both games to getting like 5 kills and 13 deaths the next game, my kdr fluctuates way too much on things I can't control. And this is from a guy that has a seventh prestige BO2 account, I love the game, hate that's broken.
  16. Cock o' dooty: black cocks 2. . . :eek:

    In all seriousness just buy a limited edition game code for BF3, it automatically gives you the back to karkand pack. Then maybe buy armored kill for 15$? I think.

    Close quarters is basically a COD mod for BF3 lol, but if you want that one too it might be better to just get premium.

    Since I just realized you mentioned Halo 4 and GoW3, I am guessing you'll be playing on a console. In that case it might be best to go with Farcry 3.

    Map packs are such a fucking scam though, especially how BF3 did it. Really!? Your going to charge me $50 upfront for map packs that aren't even released yet. . . Companies that AREN'T money grubbing whores give those periodic updates for FREE!
  17. Since you seem to be intent on playing multiplayer primarily, I'd avoid Far Cry 3. The singleplayer is where the meat of the game is.

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