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Black on Beck - Lewis Black's thoughts on Glenn Beck. 5/12/2010

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tha Professor, May 25, 2010.

  1. Unless Beck is being used as a tool by Fox in an attempt to draw Tea Party votes to the Republicans.

    I dunno though. I don't pay to much mind to all this news anchor drama.
  2. Well I've suggested numerous times that Beck could be COINTELPRO. :devious:

    But I'd rather give him the benefit of the doubt for now.
  3. LOL Glenn Beck.

    I was watching his show a while back and he had some cheesey graph and he goes "Progressives, in the name means progress, BUT WAIT! they are on the left side of the spectrum, which means they are progressing backwards! progressives want us to actually stop progressing as a nation!"

    Yada yada yada.... seriously, you guys actually take this guy serious? I thought he was Fox News' version of the Colbert Report.
  4. He is. That's why Colbert and Stewart are the men ("mans" :confused: ).

  5. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you didn't understand what he was saying, and what you wrote there isn't accurate.

    What he might have been suggesting is that since liberalism is an authoritarian (left wing) ideology it isn't progression but regression to the political systems of old where individuals were subject to the authority of the majority or a plutocracy. The US is a young country and had a very progressive ideology of maximizing liberty for the individual.

    In fact, laissez faire classical liberals of old used to be called progressives because they sought the advancement of industrialization, liberty and standard of living. Then in the early 20th century the neoliberals commandeered the term, reserving "reactionary" and "conservative" for classical liberals that didn't support positive rights and socialistic wealth destruction.

    Maybe you could find the transcript?
  6. Dont be fooled by their play on words. Take for instance take the word liberal u hear it and u think liberty or freedom but then look at the reality and see liberals take away freedom. Liberal states have more laws than non-liberal states ask yourself if liberal really means more freedom why do liberal states have the least amount of freedom ? Oh I got it being liberal means they will take ure freedom away so you can keep wishing for it cuz if u have freedom you no longer need to wish for it.

    So knowing the above ask yourself what progressive really means.
  7. I'd like to know where you pulled this bolded part from.

  8. No, you hear it and think liberty or freedom, I hear it and I think "a generous portion".

    This is the problem I have with Glenn Beck, his whole "follow an illogically, subjective chain of thought until I arrive at the conclusion that I want"
  9. Uh, yea, we're talking about politics here, not cooking. :laughing:

    Liberal is derived from the latin liber, which means "free". It was originally used to refer to what are now known as libertarians, or limited government conservatives, but currently refers to authoritarians, or fans of large centralized governments.

    Who's being illogical here? :rolleyes:
  10. oh really?:rolleyes:

    the person trying to draw conclusions from subjective entities. ;)

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