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Black on Beck - Lewis Black's thoughts on Glenn Beck. 5/12/2010

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tha Professor, May 25, 2010.

  1. You know what I mean. :mad:
  2. Yea the truth pisses people off, it's not like he's like Mark Levine or one of the other conservative guys spewing pure hate. I actually think he's doing us all a service by exposing the corrupt political establishment to the plebs.

    My uncle (a chill MMJ user in Hawaii :smoking:) was awoken by Glen Beck and now him and I can actually talk about the Federal Reserve, keynesianism, corporatism, etc. Before Glen Beck latched onto this movement my people (the kooky right) had nobody even vaguely representing us in the media.

    Sure, I'd rather he not be a total ass clown in his delivery, but I'll take what I can get.

  3. Basically yeah.

    But then again the wild antics is what attracts people who arn't able to think outside the box.(Ie: dumb ass's) So if that draws them in and then they think critically about what he's saying: something good may come of it.
  4. Lewis Black is an actor, a writer, an author, a comedian and political pundit.

    Lewis Black on IMDB - quite popular actor, actually.

    No one needs to like, or dislike, anyone. Your opinion is simply that YOUR OPINION. With that said, he is much more than just a guy on the daily show that hasn't moved on, and I occasionally find his stand-up funny, but his over-the-top energy is what I like about the guy.

    With all of that said, I doubt that he wrote that material on the daily show. Another thing to note is that the Daily show shouldn't be taken too seriously. Partial clips, and clever writing make the boring news something to laugh at and enjoy. You shouldn't be watching this to get your news, but it is a humorous way to here about world events.

    To each their own. :D

  5. I wouldn't downplay it just because it's "comedy". It has a huge impact on the thinking of young Americans, myself included. If you notice a lot of the corporate news networks have taken from their playbook. Objectivity just isn't as effective.

  6. While I will agree with you I think you over look the fact that some people are stupid enough to take what they see on shows like the daily show as real they aren't smart enough to realize its clever editing/writing and not reality.

  7. Haha Good sir, If Glenn Beck is a threat to ANY ideology, it's yours!
    He's making you all look like fools!

    For Christ sakes, is it really this difficult to just admit that Beck is a moron?

    Can you honestly tell me that you think Beck is a respected and intelligent individual?

    Even the most intelligent republicans and right-wingers I know can clearly identify that this man is an obvious imbecile. He's a national embarrassment, are you really that blind?

    I know for a fact that you're not.
  8. I agree with both you, and Aaron on this. But for the people that actually get all of their "Left" news from Stewart, won't they also get their "Right" news from Colbert, right after the Daily Show ends?

    I'd have to say that if they are gullible enough to take every word and clip from the Daily show as gospel, then they would be gullible enough to take every word and clip from Stephen Colbert as 100% news as well? (and yes, Colbert plays the part of the right more than he actually is, but if you are gullible enough to believe everything you see, then you are gullible enough to see Colbert as far right, whether he plays the part or not)
  9. I mean, read my posts. I admit he's a clown, but the core content of his libertarian-esque rants are pretty spot-on.

    I don't watch TV at all so I don't know what he says everyday, but I never see anything legitimate from his haters. It always seems to be a comment irrelevant to the actual point Beck is making and more focused on his delivery.

    He most certainly isn't, especially not among the majority. I don't think he's the brightest guy, but he's changed a lot since I first noticed him back in 2007 when he called Ron Paul supporters terrorists.

    Colbert makes a mockery of conservative beliefs by parroting neocons...
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    You sir clearly don't understand what Beck is about if u think it matters what the republicans think of him. Let me clue you in Beck attacks all liberals/progressives it doesn't matter what letter is next to their name. You should watch his show sometime that way you can see for yourself he doesn't care about the parties infact he went to a GoP convention and pretty much called them all fools for allowing liberalism to infect their party then went on to say if they wanted any hope of saving the GoP they need to embrace the constitution and bill of rights. So atleast take a little bit of time to learn the man's message b4 you start throwing labels around.

  11. I've seem his show NUMEROUS time.

    What label, exactly?
    That he's a scourge to America, or that he follows a right-winged agenda?
  12. if glenn beck was able to get this many people to march on our stupid fucking government (plus all of the rallys outside of DC)

    [ame=""]YouTube- 9/12 Protest Washington DC Time Lapse Footage 0800 - 1130[/ame]

    then he cant be that bad
  13. The Nation of Islam head, Louis Farrakhan started the Million Man March (who marched on our "stupid fucking government") - and by your logic, he can't be that bad. :D
  14. see but the difference is what they were marching for, one is being black and opressed or w/e, and the other is our stupid fucking government
  15. There ya go again showing you have no clue what Beck is really about. He doesn't follow the right-wing agenda. If anything he is libertarian hes to the right of the republicans on some issues and to the left of the democrats on other issues. For instance did you even know that he advocates bringing most of our troops home from across the globe to streamline our military budget ? What about the fact that he is for lowering the tax rate to a flat 14% until we pay down our debt then lower the tax rate another 2% to 12% and getting rid of the income tax all together ?

    The libertarian message is the cure for America the sickness is liberalism. Liberalism is what got the USA in all this debt and the only thing that will save America is to go back to its roots innovate our way out. The lower tax small government agenda will do that because it will be like injecting nitro into our economic engine because atm if you add all the taxes up each one of us pay about 48 cents of every dollar we earn to the government. I'm telling you don't know Beck's agenda at all if you think hes right-winged.
  16. You must have seen this video on the Daily Show re-run last night, yes?

  17. This comment made me spill bong water all over my good trousers.
  18. Of course, sir! I was meaning to post this last week actually, but I suppose it slipped my mind.

    I'm assuming you saw it too, my good man?

  19. It should because calling him right-winged was a very foolish statement. On that note did u know Beck is for legalizing cannabis & hemp nation wide ?
  20. So you're saying the right-wing agenda is to reduce the size of government and maximize individual liberty, withdraw our foreign empire, balance budgets and kick-out the right-wing incumbents?

    And here I was thinking I was an extremist for believing in these things... :rolleyes:

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