Black on Beck - Lewis Black's thoughts on Glenn Beck. 5/12/2010

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Black on Beck - does Beck have Nazi Tourettes?[/ame]


    This had me on the floor!
    Your thoughts, politics junkies?
  2. so nice that he didnt bother to show the complete clips of beck's statement. What black scared of? Honestly you know Beck is touching on some truth because the left is getting so mad. If everything Beck is saying is lies as the left claims then why dont they just disprove Beck instead of trying to discredit him. LoL all the left does with peices like this is show Beck is striking a nerve in the liberals I cant believe there are still people dumb enough to believe the liberals anymore.
  3. I don't get it when right-wingers claim that Beck strikes a nerve, like he's getting left-wingers angry or something.

    Honestly, who do you see thats angry? What feathers are being ruffled up?

    I see people making fun of a man who is mentally incapable of understanding and fully grasping politics, and having a good time at that.
  4. Lewis Black is one of the men.

    I.e. he is the man.

  5. Only thing Beck does is compare history to modern day events. Which IMHO is good thing because a great man once said "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (George Santayana).

    Going by history it is easy to see many parallels between what happened in the past and what is happening today. All Beck is calling for is limited government and he uses history to show what run away government leads to. Is that really so bad?
  6. Lewis Black is STILL On the daily show? I thought of all people he would have moved on to something more productive.

    Steve Carrell is a superstar, Ed Helms is becoming more and more popular... Hell, even Rob Corddry starred in "Hot Tub Time Machine". But black is still playing Lapdog to Jon Stewart, eh?

    Meh... I guess it doesn't surprise me. Black's whole schtick was the "angry politics" guy... but you can't really get angry when the guy fucking shit up iis the guy you fought so hard to get there...
  7. ^I'm pretty sure Black dislikes American government in general as much as most people. He's a socialist; he doesn't align with republicans or democrats.

  8. Just one problem with your statement the democrats are socialist. It doesnt matter if they call themselves socialist or not because their policies are what makes them socialist. (please note i am refering to democrat party as whole I know there are a few good democrats its just the socialist out number the good ones)
  9. I'm not sure what Black's personal convictions are... or even if he really has them. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of Black's "dislike" of American Politics is all just a way for him to get a paycheck every week.
  10. Hey, just like Glen Beck! What a coincidence! :hello:
  11. well.... not JUST like Glenn Beck. Glen Beck makes 100+ times what Lewis Black does. If it was all about the money for Beck, he'd be retired by now.
  12. What?
  13. Thats the truth right there because Beck makes in one year what black will make in his entire career. Beck is not in it for the money cuz he has plenty he is in because he passionate about his cause. I can see it now the liberals are going to say ahh see thats why Beck hates socialism cuz the government is going to take all his money away. Liberals just remember Beck was dirt poor not long ago and earned nearly every dime he has so what are u going to say earning money is bad ?
  14. Lewis Black is merely pointing out the obvious.

    Glenn Beck is usually pointing out the pointless.

    Lewis Black commands a pretty penny, for you money grubbing fools, he takes about 10,000 a night. And he gets to be honest!

    Whatever Beck makes for playing Dorothy in the Fox news remake of the Wizard of Odzz, he is clearly overpayed.

    Anyone can act lost and paranoid, but you've got to have talent to be Lewis Black.
  15. Compared to other comedians - Black is at the same level he's been for years. Hell, if you want to go money per show - you should see what Larry the Cable guy pulls in. Doesn't really matter though. Comedian $$ aint shit to what Beck makes. The dude makes OPRAH money.

    Good thing the government takes most of it and gives it to the poor.

    ??? talent? I don't think I'd call it that. Black's popular because people like his message. It's his lack of talent that has made his career plateau.... If you take away his message what do you get? A smelly, vagrant looking asshole?
  16. You're crazed if you think corporate media obsesses over Beck for fun. He's a threat to your ideology, just admit it.

  17. Glen Beck is only a threat to common sense, sanity, and bipartisan cooperation.
  18. Just because an idea is common place doesn't mean it's sensical. No matter how hard you want to believe it, we can't spend our way out of debt.

    Bipartisan cooperation = double penetration. Beck is the only talking head I've seen that discusses the collusion of the two parties.
  19. The question is, can they cry on command? :D

    Dude, awesome bumper sticker/t-shirt/hat idea.
  20. Yea, that's what I was thinking.


    Skilllllllzzzzz :D

    Yea I didn't come up with the saying, think I saw it on a bumper sticker actually. :smoking:

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