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Black n milds?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rreynolds, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. i was in the gas station yesterday lookin for some dutchies when all of a sudden... BAM!
    (indian guy voice) "sorry sir, we do not have any dutchmasters in stock right now"

    honestly? what gas station doesnt have dutchies?
    you would say well just buy the swishers but the swishers this guy sells are shit old. i'm talkin these thing's were rolled back in the 40's, old.

    so i took a chance with some wine black n milds.. after one vid online on how to freak it, i had pretty much mastered how to do it but instead of puttin the bacci back in, put some grinded bud in. well, i got to the part where you have to take out the cancer paper, but it only ripped pieces off when i tried to get it out?!

    any black people here good at freakin black n milds? how to i take this shitty paper out without it ripping and causing me to have a rage attack?
  2. for me i take out almost all the tobaccy so i know im not gonna waste greens

    i break da weed :)
    pack it in there take it and shake it side to side, daddy tought me :)
    then pack more and then you be done in no time and light that up. last forevers and so fun to smoke :) and cheeaaap!
  3. Who cares about the paper. Just throw the weed in there and smoke the shit.

    It's not like you're going to make a habit of smoking blacks (at least I don't think you're)

    So it's not like one cancer paper will kill you.
  4. You have to get as much of the tobacco out as you can it seems when I try to do it. It might take a lot of finesse until you get used to it. They use a light glue on the cancer paper. Don't pull so hard that it rips though.
  5. Just leave that inner (cancer) paper in there..

    It won't kill you just another layer of paper. Make sure not to pack it to tight to where it doesen't pull
  6. I was going to help you out but this is plain ignorant.
  7. hahaha I saw that too but I think he just mean't people who use blacks (black & milds) not like a race of people

  8. Nah, I don't think so.

  9. you guys rely ganna pretend like colored people aint the best at freakin blacks ?
  10. Well I'm black and I dont use black and milds. So your point is?
  11. ITT: Ignorance. >_<
  12. Black n milds make not only myself but my friends as well vomit. And that's stuffing it with weed.

    Fuck that shit.
  13. Im black, and I too rarely use black and milds.

    I shall not help OP
  14. Not gonna lie. I lol'd pretty hard at that.

    And if you're willing to use a black n mild, you might as well go ahead and use a white owl or something. Unless you're willing to compromise the taste.

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