Black n' Milds

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  1. I fuckin love these things. I don't smoke cigs anymore but I love black n milds. My favorite flavor is grape. How do you blades like these and what's your favorite flavor. I personally think these are the bees knee's
  2. I've smoke a few in my days, jus vanilla. They are bad as shit for you tho. If u ever get the chance, unroll one and it has a big ass cancer paper on it, nasty shit lol
  3. I love wine flavored with the wood tips.
    Smoke a little bud and then lit one of those up and you're gone.
  4. i like grape cigars. also your not supposed to inhale cigars the nicotene gets absorbed in your mouth. trust me it DOES you dont have to inhale its insane.
  5. I'll smoke em occasionally. Mostly will use them to roll blunts.

    White owl's are my favorite for that though. :smoke:
  6. Is the whole point really of a cigar to leave a nasty taste in your mouth.
  7. haha they do taste bad well u dont get lung cancer from it (well your not supposed to inhale so thats a positive.) and it gets you your nicotene through your mouth. im glad i dont need nicotine.

    oh and to answer the question i use them for rolling weed into haha. normally white owl grape.

    i much prefer zigzag rolling papers though there way easier.
  8. So it satisfies the nicotine fix for the mouth... but... you don't buzz? Wtf good is that I'd rather buy a can of cope if I just wanted nicotine in my mouth, actually get a buzz.
  9. Hype your black dude roll the cigar back and forth knocking the baccy out remove the cancer paper inside then fill er back up :)
  10. When I didn't know how to roll I'd buy one and take the tabacco out and pack it with weed
  11. Never in my life have I saw a Grape flavored Black 'N Mild

  12. Me neither. Around here we have Wine, Cream, Apple, Royal and of course regular, never seen Grape though but I'd try it.
  13. I get cream usually. Or wine or just original or something. I don't like royal they taste too papery.
  14. I don't smoke that shit. I smoke real cigars... But I have smoked some B'n'M's in my day. The first "cigar" I ever smoked was a black and mild, as a matter of fact. I'm glad I outgrew that phase. Those things are nasty.

  15. [quote name='"TedMosby"']I'm from New Orleans n*gga where u ain't neva safe.[/quote]

    Its safe sometimes
  16. haha i work at a gas station, and black folks ALWAYS come in and ask for black nd milds. I usually just say no, then to see the disappointment in their face, then go, "nah, we got em", then their face lights up lol. Lol I did this to 2 black guys, I said no, and their like "yeah, leave it to the white kid", I just started laughing super hard, then gave them their bnm.

  17. ^ I love the Wine flavored. That's my second favorite though. Grape is my first. Although I saw a chocolate flavored I was pretty intrigued by that. I'm a big cigar smoker to be honest. Sometimes I'll buy Grape Cheyennes and smoke that pack:smoke:

  18. Well hold on now, smoking black and milds and cheyennes doesn't qualify you as a cigar smoker.

    Just saying.

  19. Well first off thumbs up on having an M3, and Sorry lmao, I just simply enjoy smoking cigars. Though they might not be classified as "real" cigars. I can't really can't my hands on the thicker ones.
  20. i dont mind em i bought a pack a couple days ago because i cant smoke. there good when you just wanna smoke on somethin. wine wood tips are my favorite.

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