Black "n" Milds-Wine

Discussion in 'General' started by decrimbud, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Anyone had these? I love the cream ones but have never tried these, anyone know if they are any good, for smoking not blunt rolling.
  2. They're alright, not the best.

    I have smoked apply cigars, those are bomb.
  3. Yeah wine is probably my favorite black n mild flavor. I went out and smoked one last night as a matter of a fact.
  4. I met my ex when she asked me if she could hit my cigar, it being the mentioned black n mild. Good times, I love those things, though the coffee or vanilla ones are the best.
  5. My favorite are Cream, but I wanted to try the wines today and I'm gonna, thanks! Real cigars are best though, i just like putting black and milds in the blunt rotation
  6. not to speak for all black n mild smokers

    but id say at least 50% favor wine

    its definitely the best imo and all my friends and associates prefer wine as well :)
  7. Wish I could remember what brand I had that were the apple, they're great.
  8. I thought I was gonna have to type something, but he did it for me. :smoke:

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