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  1. Thursday I bought a sweet Emperor shirt and yesterday I finally bought 'In the Nightside Eclipse'. I am a very happy man. Also, picked up the new Children of Bodom too.
  2. all good.

    Pig Destroyer
    Cannibal Corpse
    Gang Raping Nuns
    Old Man's Child
    Dimmu Borgir
    Impaled Nazerene
    Amon Amorth

    and many many many more
  3. i like mayhem. not sure what that classifys as. i know it's kinda black metal or death or whatever.
  4. Yeah, Pig Destroyer's amazing. Anybody listen to Agoraphobic Nosebleed? or The Daughters?
  5. A few non BM bands in there but good list regardless. Old Behemoth was Black Metal at its finest.Pig Destroyer is another respectable grind band, Scott Hull is a terribly intelligent man.
  6. Hell yeah, they're awesome. I like to turn them on when I'm at work and just bust through everything and throw shit around. I work graveyard shift at a supermarket so I can do whatever the fuck I want.

    EDIT: You spelled Gorgasm wrong btw. Masticate to Dominate is a brutal album. The break-down on Masticate to Dominate (the song) where he goes "SUFFFERRRRR" sends shivers down my spine each time I listen to it.

    Pretty sure this is no longer a black metal thread, so I'll just go ahead and say, why no mention about Dying Fetus? Paths of Possession is another amazing amazing band. George Fisher is by far my favorite metal vocalist. He can go from gutter vocals to Paths of Possession's more Melodic Death Metal vocals, and it's amazing. His range is just beautiful.

    Mortician = worst band ever in life. Horrible excuse for metal. Anybody here like Mortician? If you say you do, I'll stab you in the jaw. Meet me in the lobby, I'll be the guy stabbing jaws. (Yay Dane Cook)
  7. Bah, i find Dying Fetus to be a terrible band. I own both Killing on adrenaline and Destroy The Opposition and i find them to be very boring. Both albums are far to similar, and to me DF is one of those bands that trys to be the most extreme but fails terribly.

    Im a huge fan of older Carcass, Symphonies of Sickness is one of the most vile albums ever released. Im also into the Carcass clone bands such as Exhumed and Impaled.

    One of my favorite grind bands, simply for the vocalist, is Cattle Decapitation. The vocalist is simply amazing! Seen them live aswell and sounded damn near perfect.

    Also check out a band called Watch Me Burn, they have a female vocalist and are surprisingly good.
  8. Yeah, Watch me Burn is pretty decent. And you're right about Dying Fetus, they do try a bit too hard to be the most "brutal" but I still love most of their stuff.

    Of course Cattle Decapitation shreds! I wish I could see them live, I could techincally, they play only 6 hours away, but that's still a bit of a drive.

    Berzerker, Phobia, Deicide are some of my other favorites I didn't mention. Deicide is just so incredibly anti-god, it's hilarious. And god...pure insanity. And Phobia is some of the best grind ever. AND! Let's not forget Aborted. God I love them. So fucking brutal.

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