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  1. anyone here listen to black metal? if so who's your favorite band(s)
  2. Burzum
    Lord Belial
    Limbonic Art
    Dark Throne
    Older Dark Funeral
    Cirith Gorgor
    Destoyer 666
    Ad Hominem

    Just a few of the BM bands i like
  3. damn you know far more than me...i feel like a toy now...
    Dimmu Borgir
    Cradle of Filth (not so good)
  4. Black metal is good;

    Dark Funeral
    Dimmu Borgir
    Old Man's Child (my favorite)
  5. None of these are very black metal. I never got into black metal much, I always preferred death metal. But a few BM bands I like are Emperor, old Dissection, Immortal, Bathory, Enslaved, Marduk, and Behemoth. Most BM bands are pretty shitty in my opinion, even the more well known ones like Mayhem and Darkthrone pretty much suck, but are occasionally good for laughs.
  6. Deicide and Opeth aren't black metal. I seen Opeth live along with Dark Tranquillity and Devildriver. It was a good show.
  7. i was about to say isnt opeth progressive metal? i dont really listen to balck metal the only kind of metal i really listen to is hardcore. pretty cool shizz.
  8. Destroyer 666 is pretty much the only blackmetal i'm into right now. Cold Steel For An Iron Age is a bitchin' album.

    I mostly dig thrashier stuff, like testament, Nuclear Assault, and Savatage

    Buckethead rules as well.
  9. I went through a whole year where i refused to listen to anything besides Black Metal. It was during my Metalhead Elitist years, but now thats calmed down. Most black metal is very primative and thats fine and dandy for some occassions but im into music for its tedchnicality and musicianship. I still love putting on some Ancient or Abigor and blaze a few bowls and tripping on the atmosphere, but its the whole white supremacist attitude in Black Metal that i dont like. Although certain NS band are fucking killer!
  10. hail satan. white power.


    black metal is cheesy. I could never take lyrics like that seriously. boring and meaningless. and as for technical skill, there's lots of grind bands that are superior. mmm grind.

    oh, and speaking of cheesy, my friend plays the power metal band dragon force when he drives around in his van. the most hilarious shit ever.
  11. The same can be said about Grindcore!
    The thing that i hate about Grindcore is not the lyrics that talk about eating your anus while jacking off to a picture of your dead dog, its the fact that everyband out there trys to be the heaviest fastest most disgusting band in existance and all you end up with is 19171632432 bands sounding exactly the same.

    And by the way Dragonforce fucking slays!!!!
  12. I definitely went through the same phase, except i'm still kind of an elitist, but now it's about thrash. :D

    I think the only real talent in grind lies with the drummers. Napalm death's songs always have awesome drum lines. Nobody better fuckin' diss dragonforce again. They're one of the few new bands that plays TRUE metal with real musicianship (gamma ray, grand magus, and mastodon, being a few other prime examples)
  13. dimmu borgir? are you guys serious? i have a friend that cries when hes drunk just because we call them " gimme buggers"..........and them we just freak out and beat the hell out of my piano, and call it a solo.....
  14. I find that in Grind youll find some of the best bassists. And i was with you with the musicianship thing up until you mentioned Mastadon. Honestly now Mastadon? I mean sure they have a few decent songs but if you want true musicianship check out Cryptopsy, Morbid Angel, Death, or even Iron Maiden.
  15. ^^nothing to fault in mastodon's musicianship, especially Brann Dailor, the drummer, formerly of the insanely technical band Lethargy
  16. why do yall all talk hit about borgir
  17. i meant s hit
  18. by the way I wasn't referring to the grindcore/goregrind/death grind kind of stuff. I'm not into that. it's more of a hybrid of grind, thrash, crust, and modern DIY screamo (real screamo... not what you think it is or even close). very chaotic and spastic with extremely talented musicians as well as good lyrics that aren't about eating your neighbor's still born fetus.
  19. Yes im aware, that was just somewhat of an inside joke. But anyways, like any other genre of music of course you will find great musicians, its just that theres no originality in it. Dont get me wrong, ill still bust out my old Nasum and Cephalic Carnage albums out from time to time but when i really feel like listening to innovative musicianship ill look elsewhere.

    Hope that made sense :smoking:
  20. Goregrind/grindcore own my life. The Berzerker is pure insanity. is a great website to chat about Metal. A lot of knowledgeable people. I think I spelled that wayyyyyyy wrong. Sorry.

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