Black market is returning

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  1. I want to give you a crash course on what I have seen to be true.
    Fact: 60% of cannabis in the usa come from the northern part of California.
    I have worked the mountains hid from the helicopter I've been there seen it first hand.
    2 years ago they had a small team of cops "pop" people oriented policing unit . They had to fly a helicopter over you farm " thousands or farms btw" the odds were great.
    And get a phiscle count on your plants to produce a " warrant ". That's why light deprivation tunnels are milky not clear so you can have as many as you want " legally they cant visually count the numbers from the sky"
    Now that it's legal you must have a permit or be in the process of obtaining one.
    The cops sit at there desk now on google earth look up your property if you do not have a permit asosiated with your land they send you a huge fine were talking 10s of thousands per day your in violation.
    They are shutting down the "mafia" and "cartel" growers but along with them everyone else is being forced to pack up and abandon the land they own cause millions of dollars are being fined.
    Think about this last year you caN get a pound off craigslist in Humboldt county for 700 bucks easy.
    There is zero profit in that for the grower! It cost that much to grow the shit.
    Why would the government want to take control of a business that was that worthless?
    They had it all planned out . They are shutting down all the local growers and will take control of that 60% of usa cannabis and have there monopoly. Hence prices will rise.
    When you take away 60% that leaves a huge vacuum in the game.
    I do believe prices will be going up and up and up a dent think it's crazy to say we might see 3500 pounds again sometime soon.
    That's great news for the hobby grower small grows big bucks!
    In the midwest location is confidential right now weed is 2800 a pound on the street if you can even find it.. That's unheard of..
    I would love to hear anyone else thoughts on this...
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  2. Same in Canada, so they say. It's overall less expensive than the store bought stuff, with the shipping costs and taxes, etc.
  3. Pray for the best
  4. I believe you..
    Canada I am in a couple ways familiar with I spend time at "boundry waters" kayaking when I can.
    The air smells the same up their as it does down here.
    And the border does not affect the market it seems the same all over.
  5. This is not relevant to most people I get it. But this is the best place to gather a broader perspective of what is actually happening in the market..
    Once peoples grows outgrow their closets the market might matter
  6. More like 1800 to 2400/lbs in indiana ..I dont see it going much lower than that even if they did legalize

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  7. The black market never disappeared lol, it doesn't matter if weed is legal or not lots of people still sell the stuff:confused_2:
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  8. I am saying the prices are going up legalization is going to make the product better quality and more expensive for tha masses .. I don't care about ceasar. Give ceasar what is ceasers.
    I am interested in the current prices around the country. He says 18 to 24 in Indiana. When's the last time in 3 years you can remember a pound selling for over 2000 bucks. .
    The reason this is relevant to me. Is this in fact a good point in time to invest in our own grows either to save money or make money.
  9. Quality indoor in Oregon is $1200-1400/lbs, market has relatively stabilized. Outdoor $500/lbs. last year we had 10 million pounds in Metrc.

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  10. Mendo: outdoor, 1k
    Dep, 12-14k
    Indoor, 18-22k
    Unless your into millions of dollars, you have zero chance of creating and maintaining a legal grow. Been there done that, still there still doing that. All cash only w the Government and the numbers go up and up daily.
  11. Indoor electric bill. Chew on that peeps.

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  12. Born in Eureka not proud of that fact lol
    But yea I just heard the prices are steady 12 at any givin time.
    I have a question..
    How bad is it right now?
    Family says the national guard is out there just buzz cutting the mountains.. like every day probably right now somebody is running through the woods with a handful of AR'S.
    Out mid west you can hardly even find a bag of weed on the streets.. like I'm serious as fuck right now. People are making 5 to 6 thousand off a pound right now street level. Its absolutely insane everybody keeps praying for rain but I actually feel like it might get worse..
    If the only people left growing like you are are legal then all your product goes on shelves nothing is hitting the streets anymore and its having a devastating impact out here
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  13. I havent seen 2012 a pound was 3 to 38 so the prices have dropped be honest risk v reward isn't worth it with such low margins these days buying and selling or even growing and selling

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  14. Horseshit. People are not making that on a P. Quit clowning. Prices on the street are in line with dispensary prices.
  15. I was never "hurting" by any means....
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  16. Lol I live there now
  17. That was just a hard read. Someone tell me what he is trying to say. Title seems like its good, then his story seems like its bad for the black market....
  18. Costs $700 to grow a pound????

    What the fuck are you growing?
  19. Nor Cal growers hired people from all over the states .
    Allot of those worker was partially if not entirely paid in weed .
    Allot of those workers are on meth , crack and heroin .
    So they traded the weed for hard drugs and ruined ever city and town in Nor cal
    Now when you go to Eureka Its a fucking waste land of homeless tweeker's
    Bunch of Brain dead people that all look the same .
    What ever fucking drug those idiots are doing it fucks there faces up .
    They all look the same … there facial expression is like a blank look or look (GLAZED ) ,, lights are on but no one is home ..
    Looks like they all are fried for life , they will never recover or be back to anything they were .

    Those people have no issues living homeless long as they get some Go fast or heroin .

    If everyone grew they're own there would be no black market ,,
    There would be no market .....
    And that would suit me just fine .
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    Where do you get the idea that legal weed will be higher quality? A recent survey of WA state cannabis shops got samples to analyze, and 60% of the samples tested higher than the legally allowed pesticide levels. More than half. This is one reason I grow my own. Another reason is that the weed I've tried from local pot shops has been all been dry and crumbly, and poorly cured, at least by my standards..
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