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Black Magic $torez ...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by alpo, May 13, 2013.

  1. $o my so called significant other decided to have me go to a black magic store with her .. prior to that we decided to pick up some take out .. however we had to pre-order it so she wanted to stop at this voodoo/satanic store to pick up some bullshit first .. We go inside .. the lady ask can i help you? .. she sayz we need this & that .. i says .. were tryn to fight these damn evil spiritz jokingly knowing damn well the inventory probally came from some place in mexico ( i feel theres all kinds of con artists out there making money off of sellin people bullshit) .. She got pissed .. i mean you wouldve thought i had a baby by her sister ... then when we left .. i called her on buying that bullshit ... because ive alwayz been a belliver in god .. see the thing iz ive alwayz been against da shit bcuz my own brother got into that dark shit & turned satanic & i dont need to see that shit happen wit her .. but im in the wrong for entering the store & sayng "were here to fight off them damn evil spirits ...then calling her on the bullshit she brought ... so is it wrong
  2. Hell no I would have said something like that too lmao. What did she buy stuff like that's a waste has she talked to the devil yet.
  3. lol fuck that i wouldve been like "bitch are you retarted" then slapped her in the face
  4. Uhhhh...

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  5. Wicca, dark magic, voodoo are real but they don't wield any amazing powers. Have you ever sat down and talk to em about what they believe? Why is sataninitity so stigmatized? iit's nothing worse than a catholic or christian think dark magic is something to respect and watch.

    Old world beliefs like this aren't dangerous in any way and if you are paranoind enough tot hink a necklace could bring death to you you should you should reevalueate your priorities.
  6. Iz culsnt reed any uf dat lol
  7. This thread hurts my eyes. But yeah magic is bull shit.
  8. mine.?
  9. #9 psychoperson25, May 13, 2013
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    He meant the op your post is easily readable but so was OP's really.

    EDIT: Not on the computer though woah.
  10. Nah brotha ops post.Yours I can read.

    I was able to read psycho is right Im just being dumb.
  11. Wow! Black Mazik. I can not tell you How much crazy I am about it! It's such an attractive thing.....(to me specially)
  12. Voodoo isn't real and neither is god so you both lose
  13. Used to have a friend in high school who was wiccan. One night at a party he told me and my buddy he was sent to protect us from demons and shit. Weird as fuck!! 
    I'm definitely not a believer in that magci stuff. Never works, so I have no reason to believe.

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