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  1. So,
    one morning i wake up to see that i can't do anything with my sound. Can't increase the volume or decrease it, and there's a red light coming from my headphone jack. help!! :confused:
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    Hardware malfunction, either the audio card or the connections between the card and the headphone jack.

    Did it take a fall or even a slight bump recently?

    Edit: I just read up on this... are you running Windows through BootCamp?
  3. na, it hasn't fallen at all.

    and im not running windows
  4. I know this will sound stupid, but did you hit the mute button on accident. I do that all the time and I always overreact
  5. haha
    no i didnt, when i try to raise or lower the vol, theres a circle with a line through it
  6. My macbook did this a few months ago for a few days then it never did it again.
  7. You probably fucked with the sound settings. Go to your master volume settings and see if put mute or lowered the master volume all the way down.
  8. The red light makes me think that the port thinks it's operating as an optical out jack, which I have no idea how to fix except maybe to plug in a regular pair of headphones/speakers and see if that helps.

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