Black lights........Again?

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  1. Current studies suggest that pot creates trichomes as a means of defense against UV light. While you could never use it for growing, another approach to this would be to apply it to your plants in addition to the grow lights.

    This is what I do, and the results are amazing. After the plants are around a month old you can begin. Blast em with the UV for five minutes, twice a day. After a week make it three times. You want to gradually increase this until you reach thirty min three times a day. All the way through flowering. Any more time each day and you risk burning the plants. This will cause trichomes to develop ALL THE WAY ACCROSS EVERY LEAF. Can you say BUBBLE?

    So....... Yes, you can use that UV light.

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  2. i've read in a few places about this.

    where did you get your uv light?

    do you have any pics of these amazing results.

    Don't post pics.
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