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Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Jaysir, May 12, 2010.

  1. So I recently bought a whole bunch of glow in the dark and black light stuff. But i was holding off on buying actual black lights because the guy at the store seemed a little slow in the head.

    I want to be able to illuminate my entire room with black lighting. I just want to know how many lights to buy.
    My room is about 12x9. I was planning on mounting a light on each wall, which would be four lights. I just dont want to buy more than i need.
  2. it has been years since i did the black light deal...but once apon a time i had a bad ass black light room!
    the last room i used was prob alittle bigger then the one you describe....I used just one light- of coarse it was a 48 inch light.....

    the best color for the walls is just a plane white.

    what i did in addition to other things was to take fishing line and tie several strings to the light fixture in the center of the ceiling and ran them tight to tacks in the walls...... then paint the string with glow in the dark paint...looks like laser beams!

  3. wow awesome idea.
  4. alright. im going to look for that 48 inch bulb. the store only had 18 inches and regular light bulbs
    need to create a better environment to blaze. kinda boring right now.

  5. this was like 15 yrs ago but you could get them at Spensers(sp?) in the mall....sometimes you can buy just the bulbs at walmart where they have the rest of the florescent bulbs... just in case you dont already know this.(you would be surprised what some people think)..the bulbs work in any florescent fixture
  6. 12X9? 2 lights will be good for you.

    Wal-Mart has 'em for 10 bucks. The rod kind (not the standard looking bulb, like the fluorescent tube).

    My smoking room is 12X9, and I've got 2 lights in there. Set them up across the room from each above the door, and one above the Lovesac I got in there. Does an awesome job.
  7. The thing about black lights is that they can show some "stains". A friend of mine told me he tried the blacklight thing and his room lit up like the 4th of july.
  8. You should just buy a few 12 in blacklight fixtures. Only 10 bucks a piece!

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