black light reactive tattoos

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  2. to me there is nothing cheesier than blacklight tattoos
  3. Wow that is absolutly amazing, I dunno if I would get that though, you think any tatoo place could get the ink?
  4. I would only do that if I went to the club, but I'm always too broke/lazy to get up and catch the bus all the way there. Sounds cool, I guess. prob'ly just get a regular tat of a leaf or something.
  5. I can't remember which.... but either glow in the dark or black light tattoos are toxic.
  6. ding ding!
  7. Thats interesting.
  8. i think thats fucking cool, a tat that you could "show off" only certain times. i dont want a permanent tattoo, cuz itll look gay if i get old...but one that only shows up at certain times would be pretty nifty to me.
  9. old faded tattoos show character! haha i can't wait to be a bad ass old man with a bunch of faded tattoos.
  10. that'd be interesting.... If i'd do it I'd have my whole body tattooed as a skeleton, so in a rave I'd just be a skeleton, and people wouldn't know if they were seeing things or if there was a glowing skeleton walking throught the club...... haha thatd be sweet

    but id only do it if i knew it was completely safe, no exceptions.

    Maybe work it into some alex grey paintings i plan to have tatted...

    [​IMG] on something like this that'd look pretty fucking sweet.
  11. So my first thought would be to buy some of that Urine Gone that they advertise on tv for getting rid of pet odors because they have that "scientific blacklight" included in each order. You could carry that blacklight around to show off your tattoo to whomever you'd like. Cool...! :D :cool:
  12. i think if you had like a psychadelic frog or something that would be cool. like with normal ink and blacklight mixed so it looks mad crazy at a rave or something
  13. I would like to get one on my forehead in big letters that says stoner... then I thought about a company party where they had a black light and explaining to my boss why it had it.

  14. Haha.

    "I swear, I don't know anything about it!"
  15. lol


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