Black Leaves?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by OneLove420, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. hey guys....i just got a gram of this stuff heres whats left...(bout half a gram)...This is some very unusual nugget, atleast to me it is..It is definatly good nugget (notice the hairs and crystal) got me really high and i can tell by the smell and tast...however there appears to be blackish, blueish leaves in it..can anyone explain this??

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  2. the minerals the plant was fed.... or most weed grown in dirt has darker leaves.... but it isnt blueberry or
  3. looks like the weed my buddy ust to get back in high school .... it looked like hash was plasterd on it almost.... but i dont really know the cause for this i would say a bad trim job and lack of nuts towards the end of the grow causing the leaves to darken? lol not all dirt grown weed is necessarly darker* genetics my good friend... of course awater based grow does lighten things up but i havnt seen to many bag seed hydroponic grows? maybe an experiment for the summer! Ps. does it hit kinda harsh? cuz i remember i ust to cough so bad from that stuff and i never coughed from bud.
  4. ya dude ive been smokin for ahwile and i cough my balls off from this shit...ive smoked hash and its not like that i dunno its weird...thanks for the feedback though guys
  5. oh fuck it, here's my explanation, prob bullshit, but may not tbe too far from the

    i think the black bits are resin........

    when the plant gets to peak potency, it makes the pistols turn slightly amber then kinda brown, then they retract into the false seed pots, which have filled up with resin due not getting pollinated hence sensimilla weed, or seedless weed......... good weed, and harvested at the right time........but these pods look more like poddy weed if you know what i mean, NL is a poddy weed....., but if the weed was pressed (generally for transportation of large amouts), then it's possible that the resin was "squeezed" out of the when resin dries, it goes hard........and i imagine, it would look kinda like that..............

    well, it's a theory out...........Sid
  6. ya thats a theory...pretty sophisticated one but its a theory...the only thing is when i look at this bud in my hand and closely examine it they look like leaves not resin at all
  7. yea my friend had a few zips of tree that were unusually dark sor of like that but more all over it and they were very crystalized and tasted/smelled banging just odd looking no idea what its from if anyone knows for sure id love to know.
  8. personally that looks like a dank ass nugget, when i get darker nugs they are dank as hell and alawyas a good smoke
  9. I'm with Sid. w00t

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