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    Anyone own/use a black leaf stemless double honey comb perc straight tube? I'm thinking of buying one but I've never used one. I like the honeycomb percs. Never used a stemless bong either... what's better/worse about them compared to a bong with a down stem. And looking for a cheaper (less than 50 dollars) ashcatcher that would function well with it. If I could get one that cheap.
  2. With stemless you don't have the chance of breaking a downstem when cleaning you can also get different percs with it. I prefer bongs with downtubes b/c I can get different defusers & if I manage to break a downstem I can just go buy a new one but if you break the stemless you are sol and will have to get a new piece or get that one fixed

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  3. Word thanks

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  4. Honeycombs are a bitch to clean, trust me I have a double honeycomb precooler, but the do give really nice hits. As far as an ac under $50 you have mad options if you shop online, I got a nice inline for $35 with free shipping, seen trees for $20-60. Use googles shopping tab you'll find many great deals on nice pieces. Hope this helps:)

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  5. Idk but I can tell you honeycomb percs are amazing. I have a triple honeycomb perc and my buddy has a double and its so nice. I don't understand the cleaning part thought I never have any issues. I use grundge off though.
  6. I would think putting an ash catcher on it would keep it pretty clean haha

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  7. I had a double honeycomb bong that I recently traded for bud because most of the holes didn't fire which to me defeated the whole purpose of getting a honeycomb bong. Since the black leaf has a perc it will use even less of the holes. I suggest not getting that bong and getting a quality American straight tube or something.

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