Black leaf mini bong or bubbler?

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  1. So, im looking to buy a new, better, piece of glass, and ive been searching for a few things.
    1) under 200$
    2) somewhat portable, i bike almost everywhere, so it must be able to pit in a pack, though i would keep in inside a nice padded case.
    3) best bang for my buck!
    searching the fourums i found that most people prefer "mini bongs" for this kind of need, however, im not really sure how different a mini bong is from a bubbler... anyways i found two from black leaf, they both look good, but i got confused because the better looking one is priced 50$ less :eek:

    here the first one:
    Black Leaf - Saxo Glass Bubbler - Recessed Joint - Two Shower Percs - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -
    this one looks really good, primarily cuz it has not one but two showerhead percs, which ive heard are the most preffered type of perc, total of 28 slits, which ive also heard is a good thing (more the marrier) however it is a bubbler, so for extra attatchments, i dunno if anything would fit...

    the next one is this:
    Black Leaf - "Smoke Shower" Micro Circ Straight -
    mini bong, with one circle perc (looks very similar to the showerhead, perhaps synonomous words?)

    so. why is the one with less perks/slits more expensive? and is it in fact better

    PS: any other ideas other than these two are welcomed! thanks.
  2. @ $200, best bang for your buck would be to BUY AMERICAN.

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