Black Leaf - Inline Perc Glass Bong - "The Nautilus"

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  1. I'm going to buy my first ever bong, and since this is getting most of the praise out of all the ice bongs, I think I'm going with this one. I saw someone advising in the comment section to purchase a diffu-cooler and carbon filter adapter, additionally. Can someone link me to these add-ons, and explain to me what their exact functions are? Is it also wise to get a smaller bowl, or can the one included do just fine?
  2. bump, any help?
  3. Carbon filters are easy to find. Thats really all you need. I cant comment on the bowl size but i always suggest getting a disk diffused slide or an ice pinch one
  4. First off, I'd just like to welcome you to the community.


    Your gonna enjoy that piece, lots of people own it and love it. Nothing but good things to say about it.

    Carbon filters are the best for keeping your glass and your lungs clean.

    The carbon filter gets rid of all of almost all of the bad shit in smoke. And the carbon lasts a while when you use it. You buy a big container of it at a pet store, its carbon stones for a fish tank that get used. And I usually change my carbon every quarter of weed.

    Ash catchers are nice to look at, and add an extra chamber to your bong to make taking a bigger hit easier.

    But they do not clean smoke like carbon filters do in the slightest.

    Water filtration is no where near as good as activated carbon stones.
  5. Nice, which carbon filter adapter would you recommend for this bong? And is a smaller bowl a necessity, considering the enormous size of the included bowl?
  6. Friend of mine has exact same one. Love it. Hits wonderful. Doesn't feel flimsy. It's worth it.
  7. I had a custom carbon filter made by dan at apix design. It is disk diffused and worked. It was 40 bucks. But ive used the ehle one on gc as well just putting a screen in is a pain.

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