Black Leaf bong, is it good or not?

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  1. Just ordered a new bong, it is my first "real" bong that is made of glass and not plast.
    The one I ordered is this one -
    The site is in Norwegian but you get the idea.
    After I ordered it I have seen allot of comments about black leaf being a non quality brand and that allot of people have had problems with them. 
    What I want to know is, shud i cansel the order and order something else? do anyone have something made from black leaf and have any experianse with it?

  2. It will work for your first bong its juts alot of people dont like them beacuse there not american made and use china glass
  3. Like he said its a good first bong 
    But don't be surprised if the thing completely shatters after a little bump
  4. Ok so the trick is to handle with care then.
    The problem in Norway is that it is dificult getting a bong made in the US, because it is so darn expensive and overprised, you have to pay 25 % extra in taxes when you import them, so no headshop wants to do so.
  5. It's borosilicate, Pyrex... just keep it clean. Everybody says their percs have real tight passages and are a bitch to clean. But looks like a nice piece. But if you can cancel.... Yeah, you can find better in the price range I'm sure.
  6. Honestly fuck that bong..those percs are gonna be a bitch. Better off with a straight tube with ice pinches and a showerhead downstem than those percs in the tube.
  7. try ROOR

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