Black Leaf 8 Arm Perc Bubbler (UK)

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  1. Hey everyone!

    So im movin out of my rents house and the end of the month with my best mate!!

    With it being what i'd class as a momentous occasion, i thought i'd go and get myself a nice glass piece so i can start to make a collection! After looking around a bit, i had my eyes set on a nice smallish bong/pipe type piece.

    Then i spotted this bad boy! And at £51 (with shipping) i couldnt say no! Anyway if anyone already has this or has smoked out of one i was just curious to what you think about it. I've read nothing but positive reviews and cannot wait to load up that first bowl!!

    Peace & pot!

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  2. Looks good for the price, just be careful with it.
  3. Yeah the neck doesnt look very thick, that was my only downside. Don't want it snapping off :(
  4. It is lower quality "china" glass, so be careful if thats the path you take.
  5. so you bought the piece, then asked for opinions? looks decent enough. at ~65 USD you could've gotten a sturdy mini tube or something though. i just worry about china tree percs. be careful not to go from cold to hot water too quickly in that piece, and don't shake it to clean it. use something that you can just fill it up with and let it sit to clean. that should prolong it's lifespan. all in all, decent scoop for the price. treat 'er well. :wave:

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