black inside the stem

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  1. Hello im new outside grower , when i cut or top the plant , inside the stem is a black color , shouldnt be the color green ? Thank you
  2. Might be caused by root rot, but hard to say from the description, can you provide pictures?
  3. Dont know if you can see it properly , sorry . but yea there was a couple of rainy days .

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  4. If your plant is healthy overall, then it's highly unlikely you have problems. When you top a plant, that's like cutting yourself. It has to heal. What you're seeing is just the plant healing itself and and beginning to put out leaves at that spot....from what I can tell. TWW
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  5. I just though the color inside the cut has to be green not black , but maybe im just too paranoid , thank you for answers
  6. Nope. It varies. I've topped a plant before and it was blood red.

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