Black guys at the beaches selling weed

Discussion in 'General' started by Skosondre420, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. I'm currently in Spain and wondering if the black guys at the beaches walking around selling sunglasses/purses if they are acutally selling sunglasses or are they selling weed also?
  2. When I was traveling I'd look for someone selling jewelry and stuff with a pot leaf on it then ask them. You can always ask "Hay algo para fumar, serca?". Also be ready to be ripped off when buying in tourist places.
  3. At the beach?, and should I ask them or will they be offended?
  4. I don't know man, I've spent a lot of time in Central and South America but not Spain. Again, I'd only ask dudes selling shit with pot leaves on it which I think is pretty common...or if you smoke tobacco go ask for a light from some locals that look hip and ask them. It can be sketchy so you just need to judge your risks.
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  5. Black Guys don't sell weed we smoke it
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  6. I wonder what spiders think about?
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  7. Ask the carhop, bartender, maintance guy at the hotel if they can get some.
  8. Hell yes they're selling weed. You said they were black and everyone knows black people sell weed. /s
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  9. Ask a brit. You will always find them in spain. Normally lying drunk in the street lol

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  10. Having lived in spain, your best bet is to find a moroccan, they usually have hash. The africans only sell coca cola and beer at the beach. Would you happen to be in barcelona by any chance?

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  11. Nope, im im Torrejeva
  12. Hmm. Well your best bet i you cant find moroccans is to go to the busiest street there is, then walk the back alleys. Theres almost always someone smoking a jay near were the busy streets are. And hey if that doesnt work, find some college or highschool kids smoking cigarettes and ask them "donde puedo comprar maria o hashish" which roughly translates to where can i get some weed or hash. In spanish, maria=weed

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  13. Well if you find any loose weed while at the sea let a lifeguard know. They can utilize the extra care.
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  14. Yes every black person in Spain sells weed at the beach

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  15. Just walk around with a sign stating what you are looking for?
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  16. Have you thought about buying an absurd amount of sunglasses to gain these dudes trust?

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  17. It's the only logical way
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  18. First day in Spain:

    Hey where can I find some of those black guys who sell weeds at the beach?
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  19. I went to Jamaica once and there is literally weed everywhere. It's impossible to spend a day there without being reminded of it in some way
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