black gold and coco fibers?50/50mix

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    hello all, i recently bought a bunch of black gold soil and a couple blocks of coco fibers.the store had two differnt kinds and i got the more expensive ones.
    anyways i was woderning if anyone had possibly used a 50/50 mix of the two and how the grow went?
    also if anyone had tips on coco, i've heard something about that it absorbs the calcium and magnesium* and that it requires a proper flush every couple of weeks and to suppliment with cal mag, is this true?

    good adive gets rep!!!!!:wave:
  2. wow some great feedback that im getting here:devious:
  3. you should search around GC for some coco-growing information...

    thres some amazing stuff to see.

    the cal-mag deficiencies are an issue in coco. think about amending for it. if you are going soilless-- all coco-- you might want to add things like dolomite lime, dry molasses, bone meal, and other sources of primar secondary and micro nutrients for your plants.

    I've seen 50/50 mix you asked about. results unremarkable. if you're indoors just don't use soil- it attracts bugs and the water PH should be at 6.5-- coco is best fed with water ph'd at 5.6-6.0... these are just some issues to think about if you choose to use both...

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