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  1. Well i work at walmart and black friday starts at 10 tonight and shits crazy out there im about to clock in and people are fightin and stealin shit off pallets. Ill update later on break and tell you some stories.
  2. I'm planning to eat about gram of avb in firecrackers, put on some headphones, and head out shopping around midnight. Worked Black Friday the last 4 years, time to blow some money and enjoy one.
  3. all online now, if your smart you stay in your nice cozy bed and snipe all the shit online right when they post it to their website. im lookin at a few tablets that are cheap.
  4. i hope you have a fun time at work OP. Don't forget to make someone happy!
  5. Im currently in line at an LA best buy and its pretty crowded and im cold as fuck! 3 hours and 15 minutes to go..
  6. Have I missed some American thing here? Isn't black Friday when a Friday is on the 13th of any given month?

    Because it's the 25th.
  7. It's an American "holiday" somewhat where major stores give big savings on otherwise expensive items. Incredibly popular. People think it shows how consumeristic and lavish we try to make ourselves out to be, but it's quite the opposite. Black Friday is so popular because we americans are CHEAP fucks who don't like spending money.

    Anyways, anyone who was waiting in line tonight, did you guys ever see any people driving by with cameras taking videos of the people there? A couple people did that tonight and got screamed at by people in the line.
  8. I work at 5am until 3pm. Last year i went to the mall that day just to watch people. I was high as fuck. It was like watching brain dead people follow the system of spending money on things they dont need. If i was drunk id prob have a more fun experience. I wouldve walked in victorias secret and hit on every girl in that store.
  9. day off from work, had canabutter, brought along mflb, smoked a huge bowl before sitting in line with a book and chilled, got the $199 Sharp 42" 1080p and a 8gb ipod touch for $195 and a $50 bestbuy gift card, which i used for the TV
  10. He was clearly a terrorist though, right Garrison? :rolleyes:

    Sorry but about 100 of your posts that I've seen have lead me to just about come to this conclusion on everything you think and say.
  11. Black Friday fuck a n!66aFriday! - OddFuture
  12. fuck. that. shit.
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    Well if you had botherered to READ the article that I posted, you would have known that the perp was a woman, not a man.

    Typical Aussie troll, pretends to hate everything American.
  14. No, I hate people like you :)

    You're correct, I didn't read the post. I also believe that more people on this website (and most likely the world) agree more with me than with you. So who's closer to being a troll?
  15. Black friday is so "BLEH" to me. Screw that. It's so pathetic and just the wrong idea. I just shake my head when I see people have gotten hurt or killed because of fucking shopping.

    I was mountain biking. A much more worthwhile thing to do. And, it was free.

  16. I do not grow weed or put pictures of marijuana on this board, I mostly post in politics and as a result my rep points and post "likes" easily prove that you are wrong, as usual.
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    I'm sure that if I'd been around since Nov of 2008 I'd have more than you of both.

    Edit: Just looked at both of our like counts, I have more in 8/9 months than you have in three years :)

    Also from 1,597 posts as opposed to your 5,194.

    Sorry Garrison, but once again you appear out of touch with reality.

  18. At least 90% of my posts are in politics, yours appear to be scattered around in different forums which explains your higher likes count.

    You are "out of touch", I'm afraid. I posted with a simple news story about a crime on black friday, in keeping with the topic, and you personally attack me.

    I think somebody needs to go back on their meds. :wave:

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