Black Friday shopping at home

Discussion in 'General' started by Royksopp, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. So how many of you mofos are saying "fuck you!" to traditional black friday shopping and staying at home, getting blazed and doing some online shopping instead?
  2. No shopping at all. But still totally blazed.
    Although, last year I got a Samsung galaxy S for $1 at best buy haha that was the shit.

    What are you pickin' up, OP?
  3. wait till cyber monday. u'll get all the deals from leftover black friday deals.

    also...this will be the first year im braving black friday. MicroCenter is having a baller ass sale on 22" monitors for like $70. so, i'm gonna go for sushi lunch with some friends in the same shopping center, then dip into micro center, then get the fuck home.
  4. Gonna try to see if I can get some xmas presents on the cheap. I'm usually too broke for presents but I have some spare cash this year so I'm gonna buy a couple friends some gifts. And the rest? Some girlie shirt probably. Victoria Secret sales!!! :metal: maybe some pumps too....I need more heels :D
  5. Ha. Chicks dig heels. I don't get it. :smoke:
  6. I wonder how many people will get trampled this year when they release the floodgates.
  7. It's probably tough looking up at all us sexy men all the time :cool:
  8. i wonder how poppin the red light district will be tonight... i wanna get a hooker
  9. you Americans and that "black Friday" I just watch it up here on the tv and say wtf??

    Is it really like a stampede like they show? If it is I am surprised nobody wears helmets and gear when they go in.

    I would definately stick to the online....seems alot safer.

    Fun to watch though

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