Black Friday Disaster

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  1. My day starts off fine.. No bud, but I have 100 that I got last night. I figure I'll make it a productive day and go get some new pieces after loosing my last two. I'm 18 (Still living with the rents) And they found my acrylic bong and double bubbler. Those proceeded to be destroyed haha. Luckily I still had my pipe. And I love my pipe! I just really prefer water filtered smoking devices.

    I start walking to my buddy to get some goodies, and end up getting about a gram of Blue Dream hash, some purple kief, and Platinum OG. After I get that I'm just fucking excited as shit to get a new piece to smoke out of. I go to a shop, a cigarette shop mind you, that actually has a decent selection of pipes, bubs, bongs, etc. I find the hammer bubbler that I've been eying every time I go in there, get a feel for it, and decide to buy it. It was $70. They wrap it in bubble wrap and hand it to me and I'm out the door. I sit at a table and with the bubble wrap on it won't fit anywhere on me. So I take off the bubble wrap and just put it in my shorts.

    I start riding home on my longboard, and I come across a bump that I'm always able to make it over, so I've got no second thoughts. And then BAM, my wheel just catches a ledge weird and I go flying. I land right on top of the piece, and my initial fear is that it is probably shattered it to no repair. I stand up, and I see blood coming through my shorts and dropping down my leg. It hurts, but I'm fine. It's just a couple sliced I can't do anything about.

    And then after standing there for a second, I just get really really angry. I saved up money so I could get a good piece and it's just gone like that. I bring back the broken pieces to the shop and show them. My blood is even on parts of it. They say "Oh noooo, sorry there's nothing we can do to re-inverse you. Once it's out of the shop it's not our responsibility" I'm just heartbroken. I say I understand and leave.

    I'm pissed as all hell at this point. I ask my friend how much money he has and he says $100. I tell him if he lets me use that at the local Smoke Shop for Black Friday deals I'll pay you back. He agrees and I go into Wild Side (Local Smoke Shop) and end up getting this beautiful all clear 12" tube with a single 4 armed perc, plus ice catchers, with a diffused down stem and a bowl for $50. I decide to get an ashcatcher with a diffused stem as well. Last but not least I got a bell attachment that I thought would come in handy. PLus he gives me this really nice $40 bag with slots for bowls, stems, and of course your tube.

    I walk out of the door soooooo happy. I could have been such a shitty day and now it's great! But then two streets down as I'm crossing and intersection, some dickwad just SLAMS my left side, and then dips. I heard a shatter, and my fuckin heart sunk. My nice, new, fresh bong was just broken. Two times in one day I had two new beautiful pieces of glass break. That was $170, that I saved up for specifically for this, down the drain.

    What survived was the bowl and the ashcatcher. I kept the tube to the bong because it actually can repaired, it's just a bummer that I have to go through this trouble. Anyway, happy Black Friday everyone and I hope it wasn't as shitty as mine!:wave:
  2. That's a pretty shitty chain of events man .. Sorry to hear it but at least the second one is repairable and u also got some nice buds to put in there when it's back together

    Question for u .. U said you copped some purple kief and blue dream hash .. Was this from a regular dealer and do a lot of dealers in Cali have shit like this along with bud they are sellin .. That's a tight connect man which shit like that was readily available in the tri state east coast area
  3. I'm very sorry to hear that. It's as if the universal forces don't want you to rip any tubeage...
  4. Wait, what do you mean by someone "slams" your left side? You got hit by a car? Call the fucking cops and file a report, thats a hit and run dude.

    But that sucks, two pieces broken, not your day.
  5. Ouch. Nice pickups though. I get good bud but have to make my own hash, and collect the kief :/
  6. i think the lesson to be learned here is not to long board or walk(?) home after buying a kickass piece

    wait yeah i don't understand how you got home D: if you got hit by a car you need to report that....
  7. We live in America. No use for reporting such a "petty" incident like that. Our police have POT SMOKERS to catch. Are you HIGH?

    Driven By Drug War Incentives, Cops Target Pot Smokers, Brush Off Victims Of Violent Crime
  8. Haha, so this one day I was walkin' down the street to my other dealer to get wax. (Bought from a dispensary, distributed by him.) Well on my way over I saw this hippy looking dude, and when we met eyes he said "Do you blaze?" I was like "Yeah man." So we walked around a corner and he showed me some honeybud, shake, kief, hash, and buds. I was surprised that someone had such a nice collection for me to choose from. I got some hash and bud and thanked him and continued to go to my other buddies house to get some wax haha. Before it was just people with really great herb but now I can get concentrates left and right. All surrounding LA citites are the shit haha. Not to seem like a "Yo wassup reppin so cal yo" kinda guy, but it's chill here.
  9. I didn't finish reading, stopped at "put it in my pocket... Longboarding... Crack in the road" I don't want to know what happens next.. :(
  10. The first part is just the beginning to to most upsetting day of my life. Went back today and got a Phire Legacy (The H in Phire is a mushroom which is great to me.) Waffle diffuser, perfect bent neck. Sick ass bowls. Plus I got a skillet attachment! I'll post some pictures in the Official Glass Only Family thread.
  11. Longboarding? I'll give you a pass because you live in Cali, but if you lived around here I'd have to call you a faggot. I've only seen like 10 kids on campus with longboards...probably because its fucking difficult in the snow.

  12. plz tell me that piece is ok:confused:
  13. lmfao thats sucks man twice in 1 day . so shitty new ones too
  14. What??
  15. reemburse- to offer a refund and or an exchange
  16. Huh, I guess that's just one of those words that I always pronounced incorrectly. I did it with resume too. I always thought it was remuse.

    Well hey Grasscity, thanks for uppin' my knowledge.
  17. Oh my god. Sorry bro. The glass gods took a fat dookie on you that day my man! Terrible sequence of events, again, I'm terribly sorry. If that ever happened to me after I bought my 500$ PH(x) HD HoneyComb, I'm not too sure what I would have done honestly...
  18. That sucks dude, give up on glass for a while I don't think it likes you haha.

  19. I know what reimburse means.
  20. Better you break it then the rents look at it that way lol

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