Black Friday - Cyber Monday

Discussion in 'General' started by smokewithsatan, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have any insane black Friday tales? My work is offering t-shirts starting at $8.99 in our online store this weekend, ROCKWORLDEAST - SALE
    we didn't have anything happening in store but there's definitely and influx of shoppers out today (I'm in Canada, we've on recently caught on to black Friday but it's nothing really huge just yet)
  2. it's just getting stupid down here in the states, a bunch of hype to rev up the idiots to save a few bucks when they really only have doorbusters for the first 20 people. End up spending more because of the savings actually
  3. agreed, I know that I'm totally going to American Apparel when I get off work and using the "buy one get one half off" coupon they emailed me yesterday and buying something I didn't intend to buy just cause it's half off.

    I read somewhere that there's actually been a few deaths/murders because of people bugging out over black friday, any truth to that?
  4. Honestly I didn't know this holiday existed until last year...and now I just think it's a typical stupid american type of thing.
  5. But it's kinda great when you're broke and wanna buy some Christmas presents! I really wish it was bigger in Canada.
  6. Mindless epsilon plebs fueled with consumerism insanity.
  7. hahaha that last part had me rolling(minds in the gutter)
  8. BuffaloSoljah,
    Wow. Just wow. I was half kidding when I asked.
  9. All incidents happen at Walmart.
  10. ^that's cause the cream of the crop shop at Wal Mart.

  11. So fucking sad.

    Why go to the store?! Online shop! Much safer and you don't have to deal with lines and stupid people and you can be blazed!
  12. I find wal-mart to be a major buzz-kill! I avoid that place like the plague if I recently blazed.

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