Black Eyed Peas

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Namynam, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. Elephunk.

    Sweet CD.

    Anyone else like em?
  2. there one song where is the love is the most annoying thing ive ever heard, only after it being on like 3 stations at the same time and hearing it 1000 times, but over all they are pretty good..
  3. sorry, don't like them, i feel that there second song sounded the same as the first, and they are trying to sell the band on her voice alone, just like evenessence (sp?)..........i don't feel that a band should release 1 song and then try to relaese a whole album on the back of it alone..........better going with 3-4..........Peace out........Sid
  4. They started going downhill with "where is the love".
  5. I liked where's the love until it got played out and shut up is ok b/c I rarely hear it on the radio. The video for it is kida kewl.
  6. 2 thumbs down
  7. i have to restrain from destroying my stereo everytime fucking where is the love comes on......i HATE that band witha passssion....

  8. LOL damn skippy
  9. Hate "where is the love"

    but ive heard the album is ok...
  10. the chick is hot!

  11. Macy Gray?!?!?!? uuuuuuh ok i guess shes kinda hot.... well fuck that break me off a piece of Mya any day

  12. Macy Gray isnt in the Black Eyed Peas man. That girls a beast. The girl in Black Eyed Peas is hella hot.

    And Where is the love is the worst song on the CD. And about using her voice, the album has everyone signing about an equal part in almost all the songs.
  13. And im surprised imt he only one who likes them here lol.
  14. i didnt say i didnt like them.... i like all music.... depends on my mood though.... but that girl is dope
  15. they have some ok songs but most of them suck
  16. wheres the love is ok...
    i wanna shoot em for "hey mama"
    last time i did shrooms, i saw the video and it was stuck in my head the entire trip on loop.... other than that it was a fun night
  17. shut up just shut up shut up

    is that all there is?

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