Black dots on fan leaves

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    I have these black dots on just a couple of my fan leaves. So far they havn't touched the buds. I'm afraid to smoke the buds of this plant though.
    Fox farms soil, 6th week of flower under 400hps
    Blood meal and Big bloom nutes as needed
    Temp 78
    Humidity - 50 day, 60 night
    ph 7.0 (I know this is high)

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  2. you cant squish the dots can you......looks like a fert problem.....
  3. no they don't squish or smear
  4. well a flush wont hurt and if they are suffering from too much ferts youll know in a week or so after the flush
  5. nobody thinks it's a fungus? the black lumps on the leaf. They're just effect one leaf at a time:confused:
  6. Not fungus, but more like a bug, the black stuff is it's shit and/or eggs. I forgot what it is but this is a bug problem for sure.
  7. Dang I can't get rid of these bugs causing the black dots. It's been 4 months now and it's spread to my whole crop... It's affected all of my strains, all of the plants at different stages that are even in different boxes(same room though). I've been using an organic pestiside bug buster-o, and it only seems to have slowed down the problem.
  8. Bug shit for sure!:pI had that same problem very bad.
    I used Neem oil to get rid of all the little fockers;).
    Look under some leaves and see if you find thrips,white flys,etc.My bug was the dreaded thrips:mad:,they really shit up a storm when they get a foot hold.
    You need to follow up every 7 to 10 days at first to get the eggs and new batch of larve.Once you get them gone just follow up once a month or sooner if they come back.:smoking:

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