Black Diesel- Huge Pistils, Tiny, Spaced Out Calyxs, 7Th Week Of Flower, Will It Recover? Whats Wrong?

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  1. So my Black Diesel is fucked up looking. It got stunted from an unidentified deficiency a while back, in veg/ early flower. It still looks weird, leaf wise, and the buds, if you can call them that, consist of huge healthy looking pistils inside teeny little calyxs that are spaced out pretty good. I'm not seeing a whole lot of trichrome action at the moment either. Are they going to bulk up any, or are they going to look like this forever?
    Also, anyone want to guess what's wrong? Its about the 5th time ive posed this question, and either nobody knows, or nobody cares.
    Mainly, I want to figure out if its worth using my expensive-ass Top Shooter on this, or not. If its gonna be crap i have to grind up and make BHO, it isnt. If I can pull some nice smokable buds out of it, it is.
    Maybe i'm jumping the gun, I know its a sativa, and I know it takes longer, but this just doesn't look like normal early flowering period to me. For comparison, I have included a pic of the Sour Blueberry that got planted, and started flowering, at the exact same time. Its 2 weeks from flush at the moment.
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    Sour Blueberry
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    Surely your not saying you posited that question here? You willing to answer a few questions? Observe below:
    We need all the info on your grow including:

    What type of medium; soil or hydro?
    What brand and type of soil?
    Indoors or outdoors?
    What strain?
    How old are the plants?
    What type of lights and how many watts?
    How far from the lights?
    What is your <a class="" href="" title="Shopping link provided by SkimWords">watering</a> frequency and source of water?
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK?
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro?
    What are the temps and humidity in the room?
    What size pots?
    Any bugs? Look real close.
    Any other pertinent info?

    If any of these questions have already been answered please disregard as I cut and paste this for everyone.

    If there is leaf discoloration please TAKE PICTURES WITH ALL GROW LIGHTS OFF, ESPECIALLY HPS & LED's. Taking pictures and taking them with lights off, allows us to see what the leaf discoloration looks like.
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    Maybe not 5 times, but I can remember like 4 including this one throughout the grow
    No discoloration, just oddly shaped
    400w HPS
    13 weeks from seed, 7 weeks from flower
    About 12 inches, and its cool to the touch, I've got one of the sealed glass lights with good fans
    I top it off if it gets lower than an inch from the normal height
    Every saturday, i drain and spray out the res, add fresh water, then use the full House & Garden system, adding Great White every other week. I haven't started using Top Shooter on this one yet, reasons stated above, and I was going to use up a half sachet of Shooting Powder I had first anyways.
    I keep my pH about 5.9 and ppm is in range.
    The room stays at about 68-75F and 30-45% humidity
    3 inch net pots with hydroton and grodan cubes
    No bugs
     the buds, if you can call them that, consist of huge healthy looking pistils inside teeny little calyxs that are spaced out pretty good. I'm not seeing a whole lot of trichrome action at the moment either
    The one response i've ever gotten was in the big Sick Plants thread on here, very o early on, when the leaves looked like they do now, but it was also pretty much halted in growth for a couple weeks, was that it might be a micronutrient deficiency, though which one was never said.
  4. The pix are of poor quality so no help there but from what you've said I'm wondering if it's a Mn deficit, because Mn stunts the plants and leaves behind distinct brown marking that you have not listed, so I'd be checking my nutrient regimen and make sure Manganese is included. At a ph of 5.9 you're off 3 times from optimal nutrient uptake of Mn, but will indeed uptake the nutrient if it's available, if not, that could be an issue. You'll have to check and let us know.
    Black Diesel has a flowering time of 10 weeks so you've got three more weeks, the time most plants pack on the most weight, especially the last two.
    The first pic there appears to be browning around the edges of some of the leaves, even if it's ever so slightly Mn could be your issue. Check the plant closely and let me know.
    Get me some pics without the lights please and let's make sure it's not a mutant.
  5. Also, if your plant was suffering from a deficit, you had better add an additional week to the finish, so your plant has another week of flowering... that's four by my calculation.  :eek:  
  6. Reckon why pix keep disappearing from original post? Weird!
  7. That is odd, I uploaded em to GC. Either way, i'll take some pics with the lights off here in a min. And no, I will check, but right off the bat I can't think of any of my nutes having Mn, so you may be onto something there,
  8. Best pics I can do.
  9. Did your ph climb above 5.9 at any time?
  10. how long has it been on 12/12? 7? if so then you are really only 4-5 weeks into flower. it takes 10 weeks outdoors to flower. that's 70 days long time. indoors will vary depending on size of plant.
    it does look quite odd. kinda looks like it wants to herm, but I don't see any male parts.
    also, when you do ur res changes, mix ur nutes and balance ph prior to putting ur plant back in.  jm $.02
    lastly, you say ur ppm is in range. what is it though?
    my recommendation: do a res change. clean ur air lines and air stones. mix nutes separately with ph 5.5. let it rise to 5.8-5.9 then top off with 5.5 ph water. make sure no light leaks.
  11. checked out those nutrients. seems a little complicated. keep it simple next grow imo. GH Grow, Micro, Bloom. check out the results here
  12.  I'm pretty happy with the results I get from House and Garden, It's really not that complicated. I've tried XNutrients, GH, and Fox Farm, and out of them all, I get the best and fastest growth, as well as the best yields and trichome production with H&G. Its just this one plant I'm having an issue with, because its something weird nobody can figure out.
    I don't think the nutes are the issue, I think its because it was originally in a 10 gal tub with the blueberry and the el alquimista that got stem rot, and when it died I could finally untangle the roots and transplant it and the BB to separate pots. It was stunted bad then, I gave it a week to recover in veg after transplant, then started it and the blueberry on flower. Weird thing is the Alquimista and the BB were doing fine, the Alquimista was 6 feet tall, but It stunted the BD. Learned my lesson on one pot per plant.
    I just don't know what specifically its lacking, or getting too much of, or even if I can fix it. If not, itll just get ground up and made into BHO.
    And ya, the pH has been above 5.9, but not for any extended periods of time..
    I don't know right off the bat on the ppm, lights are off right now and I don't want to disturb, but its within the range H&G has listed for the week of nutes I have it on right now,
    Any more thoughts on the Mn? Recommended supplement if it is that?
  13.  Na, I drain the res Z
    7 weeks, and na, I drain with the plant in the res, rinse the roots and the container, fill, add A, wait 15 min, add B, wait 15 min, pH 5.9, add all other nutes, pH again in 30 min if needed, rarely is though.
    Been doing it that way or similar since the start and its never caused an issue

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