Black death? [pics]

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    I am scared for my other girl, one is unaffected but in a pot right next to this pot.

    So three days ago i saw these itty bitty whitish brown bugs, no big deal i thought i sprayed my girl down with insecticide and called it a night.

    Next day, no damage of any kind, but instead of 2 i poke around and find four...i know spider mites do damage but so far i had no bugs really in my pots..
    No damage whatsoever.

    So present day, i wakeup, i go to my plant and find these COVERING it.

    Im not sure if the bugs are causing it or whatnot, but like w.t.f!!!?

    p.s i know like nute burn may be an option./...but i figured the coincidence of the bugs appearing may be responsible? input! help me save her clone

    Help me diagnose the problem GC blades please!

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  2. What did you spray them with? And how do you know they are spider mites? Do you have any web? Just trying to get a little background info.
  3. There not spider might's!! Spider might's make little yellow dots. I think u have black spot but u have never had this problem so I can't say what to do with it. All I would do is spray them with some strong pesticides and see how it go's.....
  4. I dont think its a bug problem!! Did you check your P.H?
    Looks like your soil has too much alkaline.
  5. It doesn't look like a bug problem, if it is it's not spider mites.
    I think it might be a PH issue or a defficiancy to something, if your worried you can spray her down with neam oil but make sure you spray her when the suns gone down or else it will burn the plant.
  6. the left most leaf def looks like it has to do with nutes, ive never seen pH problems but ID check out ur water pH... what nutes have you used reciently?

  7. Haven't used any nutes, maybe a MG def?

    I watered ln with a tbsp of epsom salts
  8. well dont just go assuming a deficiency, look them up online theyre are tons of sites that have great pics of what a specific deficiency looks like. You should be fine, but sometimes an over abundance of a specific nute may block others
  9. It's cos of deficiency of phosphorus. If u was using bloom witch is high in phosphorus. Now cannabis uses the highest levels of phosphorus during germination, seedlings, cloning and flowering. Super bloom fertilisers designed for flowering, have high levels of phosphorus... Hope this helps mate....
  10. Ok, then is there any household that would correct this deff.?
  11. When my plants got spider mites i sprayed them at night with some neem oil/pyrethrin solution and left it over night. When i came the next morning they were burned! And they looked just like that, mine went into a shock for a couple days but when leaf growth started and went off like a motherfucker!

    Sadly those plants are now being passed through a coon's digestive system :(
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    I am not too sure mate sorry. Try and fined something with high levels of phosphorus in it and make sure it kill your plant. But I would just go out and by some nuts much easier and u will have beta bud at the end of it........
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    ** make sure it dus not kill your plant***
  14. It's gotten much worse btw.

    I've isolated it from my other plant, but like wtf

    i sprayed with insecticide. the night before cause i noticed all these critters in the soil. like smaller than 1mm.
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    R they like little black dots that move. Then if so, there spider mites. But i think its from lack if phosphorus mate....
  16. They arent black dots at all! Which i guess is a good thing.

    What i want to know is WTF is in my garden, cause they are white and small, and i saw one bigger brownish one, which i assumed was the mature v.

    I'm scared cause i went a lil ways down in my soil and there was like an infestation!
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    What sort of soil r u using? Cos if u get cheap soil from a garden centre then u will have a lot of pests. Cos they don't clean the soil. But if u r getting good soil then it can't be that. But pesticides take a few days to start to work and spray the top of your soil after watering. But I'll try and fined out for u man......

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