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black death or nothing??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mulli_melli, Jan 9, 2002.

  1. You've spent all day chasing and come up dry. Not being able to cope with the situation you have resorted to scrapping out that black sludge in the bong or bucket and smoked it!! It tastes like shit but can take that edge off.

    Who can relate to this??? Don't be ashamed to admit it!!! Tell us the truth...
  2. I've spent many a day and night smoking resin. It's not the most glamorous and I know people who won't do it... Hell, I've refused to at times.

    Sometimes I can't do it without gagging, but I do have a hyperactive gag-reflex... I guess that proves that I'm not related to Linda Lovelace.

    But yeah, I've been there... too many times.
  3. I used to. Results in a headache for me now. I usually will abstain until I can find green stuff.
  4. I get headaches too. I have done it many times, and actually just pulled a bunch of black sticky goo out of my little turtle pipe.. It's sitting here, rather large (larger than the bowl on the pipe) and I just can't bring myself to do it...

    But I have weed, so I couldn't say if I would smoke it if I was without. They give me pretty nasty dull aches in my head though, so I try to avoid. It depends on how bad I want to get stoned!~~ :D
  5. ganjaphish- I don't mind, Slap that shit in an envelope and send it to me!
  6. its true. once i went a whole year without running out. by the time a drought came on, I had about a eighth of an inch of resin inside my bong. I was broke and it took me 3 days to use it up. i think i've built up a tolerance so i dont get headaches any more but i will resort to the resin in an emergency situation.
  7. somethings never change,lol.:D
  8. mmmmmm resin
    man ive been collecting resin for a long time
    u never know when a drought is comin
    they do come though
    and it sucks but if u have a couple globs of the old
    black nastyness go for it
    get u fucked up though
  9. Hell yeah. My resin is saved for when I get really really dry, and then I can get days worth of stoner-ness out of it. Not nearly as good as the greenage, but it works!
  10. i definltly smoke the black stuff...its harsh, but worth it in a pinch
  11. Absolutely worth it.
  12. i have always smoked resin and never had a problem,i smoke resin everytime i clean my pipe,just a habit.....
  13. done it many of times myself..
  14. I love smoking resin. It doesn't have any bad effects on me, and I can easily take the taste and harshness, it doesn't seem very bad to me.

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