Black Da Buddha

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by 420Purp, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Just ordered my black da buddha on ebay for $143. Should be here thursday or friday. I am finally pumped, Just smoked my resin today and hated it, will never go back<3 vaping
  2. congratulations bro! Im hoping everything goes ok for u with setup and assembly and shit...its pretty easy but on rare occasions they fuck something up and u have to ship back for new parts. Once uve got it up and running though, damn it will not disappoint. /love my dbv
  3. I ordered a DBV as well! :hello: I'm exited to get it :D
  4. Looks like we're on the same boat. Tell me how you like yours and I'll tell you how I like mine. haha

  5. I'll show u mine if u show me yours.....;);):rolleyes::rolleyes:

  6. It's gonna be awhile before I get mine..At the latest August 10th. :D

    Update will be coming once I get it.

    Don't forget to turn it on full blast for a few minutes to get the manufacturer's oils and stuff off!
  7. [quote name='"Yosh139"']I ordered a DBV as well! :hello: I'm exited to get it :D[/quote]

    Duudeeee u gonna let me sesh on that bitch when u get it haha
  8. Beings as you have to have it connected to a wall, sat down on a table, and then you always have to be warry of the whip and having to figure out the best temp and draw strength... it can be a bit of a hassle at first.

    Give it a week, you'll realize you love experiencing the taste nuances, you'll feel a bit cleaner, you'll probably be getting higher.

    Then at the end of that week, you really see how much it conserves and you'll never want to go back.

  9. Damn I got 3 day shipping for free, But yeah dude I watched so many da buddha videos, getting ready.
  10. The black one is sexy, I still love my grey/silver one though. Enjoy, but when you say you will never go back, I personally like smoking a couple of times a week. Also, if you have a bong, I highly recommend hooking your vape to your bong.
  11. Are you ordering from the 7th floor themselves on ebay or a trusted supplier? Because I don't think you will be eligable for their warranty if you buy on ebay or amazon. Not like the product is going to break because it is rather high quality.
    Just curious.

    Hope you enjoy it when it arrives,.
  12. I am ordering from a trusted supplier and they emailed me saying they signed me up for a free 9 week warranty.

  13. My silver one is coming friday :)
  14. Got my buddah about 3 weeks ago.. very happy with it!! :smoke:
  15. got mine near christmas time you should love it

  16. Oh yeah i ment ill never go back to resin, I bet ill smoke joints,bowls, and my bong every once in awhile, but majority da buddha if i like it.
  17. I am gonna get the DBV here soon with the bong attachment. It was 230 total but does anyone know if the bong attachment is totally worth it or no? Oh and could you put a bowl piece in the ice attachment and use it as a bong? :bongin:
  18. Bong attachment.. what does that do? $230?? You can get buddah off amazon for $140 soooo... i would say no.
  19. [quote name='"NasaJoe"']Bong attachment.. what does that do? $230?? You can get buddah off amazon for $140 soooo... i would say no.[/quote]

    I mean does it really make a difference in the vapor? Is it all that great? And I am getting the black one for 150 and then the ice attachment and connector if you were listening you would have known that. Ice attachment, downstem, and connector plus black da Buddha vape for 230.

  20. $100 extra to help you hit like a man?? Not necessary..

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