Black coke?

Discussion in 'General' started by thc_is_good4me, May 15, 2006.

  1. My friend told me that on the East Coast (or somewhere, cant really remember, stoned...) they have coke that's black instead of white. Now I'm pretty sure whoever told him this was blowing smoke up his ass, but has anyone ever heard of this? Or snorted any?
  2. naw, i dont think so man, but i have seen pics of some type of drug that was a brown powder, i cant remember what it was tho
  3. brown powder is herion i believe , never heard of black coke though , gross
  4. If somebody gave me black coke id throw it in their face and watch them tweek out.
  5. i've heard of black tar heroin. but not black coke. and yes brown powder is heroin.
  6. Lol...when I read the title I immediatly assumed you meant the new Cocacola black.....sorry I'm extremely high on some sweet purp right now.
  7. SC here, no black coke floating around here.

  8. haha yea me 2 i started writing about what i though about it and the i was like ooooooo never mind.
  9. ROFL....fucking great
  10. Its herion homie. I gurantee it.
  11. i'm from PA n the only coke i get is like white candy paint, shines in the light baby haha
  12. yea
  13. I wonder if it's possible to just dye it with food coloring. I have no idea why someone would want to though.
  14. only coke i've ever seen is white and an "off yellowish" color, but still coke
  15. ^Alot of yellow tinted coke is cut with herion. You can feel the difference when snorting it.
  16. I haven't ever seen black h powder, brown powder and black tar.
  17. I've seen some dark powder herion that could be passed off as black.
  18. Are you sure? My dad told me the specifics when it comes to yellow coke and I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with herion. I'd ask him, but he's hammered and he'd think I was scoring or something and get pissed.
  19. Im hammered too.

    Im pretty sure really really good cocaine can be tinted yellow.

    But i personally know alot of people mix herion with cocaine and try to sell it off as really good cocaine.
  20. Yeah... it's definetly heroin. I mean, it could be some completely bunk shit... but whatever. Definetly don't buy it or nothing.

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