Black cats

Discussion in 'General' started by OneLoveRasta, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. I used to not believe in that old "if a black cat crosses your path you will be unlucky" thing but I think I do now.

    My family went to the mall so I started smoking right after they left.
    I open up my window and out of no where, a black cat that Ive never seen before just comes out of nowhere and walks past me, doesnt even look at me. Then I thought of the saying and just ignored it and started to smoke. I had a good time until my parents got home.
    I guess I left a lighter and a little bag of weed in my pants and she found them. She didnt care that much though.


    (sorry if that was hard to read, I'm really high)
  2. everytime i see a black cat i try to catch it and set it on fire. they are EVIL!!!!!!!:mad:
  3. I seriously hope you're joking.

    Black Cats do not bring bad luck. Concluding black cats caused what happened to you is called a Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc.
  4. haha my ex girlfriend had a black cat, n whenever you scratched its back right by his tail he would put his headup n like move his head back n forth robotically, looked exactly like that cat from sabrina the teenage witch when it did that
  5. im so totally joking, i used to have a black cat until the nieggbor kids stole it, but meh no more litterbox
  6. In my line of sight right now, I'm counting 4 black cats.

    No bad luck so far :confused_2:
  7. ^^^^thats because your in league with the DEVIL!!!^^^^
  8. I own a black cat :p
  9. Same here, hes about 6 months old now. I believe he brings me good luck, hes also very protective of the backyard for his size. Our neighbors have squirrels and its fun seeing Conqui(our cat) Chase them up the tree by our fence.
  10. I have 2 black cats and they are the coolest and goofiest cats ever.

    At our socialization center we just got two 7 month old kittens, they're part siamese and they are soooo skinny, and of course their names are Jet and Coal, they are too freaking adorable.

    Black cats are just aweesome.
  11. The only siamese cats I have ever known have been scary little bastards lol they would just stare at you until you got close then hiss and run away :p

    My black cat's name is Midnight :D
  12. I have one totally black cat but then I also have a totally white cat. So the luck kinda evens out for me.:D

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