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black ash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gsampson1234, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. ive been smoking for awhile and ive always gotten stuff that burns to a white or gray ash wen its done recently i picked up an eighth of some dank shit but for some reason when i smoke it in a bowl or bong it only burns to a black powdery ash and it wont stay lit and burn properly in a joint or blunt even when im smoking it in a bowl i only get 1 or 2 good hits nd then after that its very thin amounts of smoke does anyone no why this particular bud is smoking like this and if theres anything i can do to fix it?
  2. sounds like it wasnt dried out properly or something. Also, I take it that you dont have a grinder?

    Whenever I get weed that smokes similar to that I always grind it all up and leave it out for a bit.
  3. yea i was thinking about grinding it up but i havent tried it yet ill give it a shot nd let u no how it goes thanks for the advice
  4. white/light gray ash means it was flushed properly. Black ash means it wasnt flushed at all
  5. yeah i gotta go with Liqweed on this one sounds like you just got some weed that was wetter then it was dank, happens to the best of us :rolleyes:
    haha but as you no the product is sold by wight so more water less product dealer makes more money, if anything just call him out on it just say hey that bud looks kinda damp you mind hittin me up a little more to compensate for that and if he says no then just move onto the next guy haha
    happy tokin :smoke:
  6. yooo I came in here to post this same very exact question. When I first picked up the eighth it looked real good but when I smoked it it didn't have a good flavor to it and it didnt turn to white ash it was just black soot.

    I gotta bring this up with my dealer.
  7. i put all of it in a grinder nd let it sit for a little i smoked a bowl of it today and it was still mostly black ash but there was some gray/white ash in there
  8. I dunno man but everyone should get their dicks out just to be safe
  9. I have read some of your posts dude. Please GTFO man. If you have nothing constructive to say about anything...just please post in the "I just blazed" or "Official Cool Story Bro" sections.

  10. YEah, well, thats like, your opinion, man.
  11. it could be sprayed down with silicon. dont want to cause paranoia but shits real. when you grind it up do you notice too much kief? is the kief kinda yellow? do the buds feel un-evenely hard on certain parts? does it weigh more htan it looks? are the hits extra harsh? if you think this is the case I strongly suggest you get rid of that shit. Smoking silicon is horrible for your lungs. The growers spray their buds while they're still growing with this silica spray that is pretty much microscopic glass beads. (inhaling molten glass beads is not good for your lungs AT ALL) and the bud then just keeps growing over it, making it almost impossible to detect, makes the bud look more crystally, and it weighs more. check out these links if you think thats what you stumbled upon.

    Gritweed : Grit Weed : Contaminated Cannabis
  12. Remind me how whipping out your dick will solve the problem of lazy growers not flushing out their crops?
  13. its been 2 days since i broke it up nd it seems to be normal now i been smoking it down to a gray/white ash so i guess its all good now :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  14. black ash just means it wasnt flushed properly before harvest
  15. My ash turns white/grey when I'm smoking a joint but when I pack a bowl it ussaully turns black.
  16. what do you mean by flushed?
  17. the last ~2 weeks of growing your supposed to flush the nutes from the soil that youve been feeding the plant. A properly flushed plant will have white/gray ash. One that hasnt been flushed will have black ash
  18. Can someone please help! Took my blue gelato 41 and gorilla zkittlez looking amazing. Smoked them and they both black ash. No idea why I flushed with the ripen for 2 weeks, used flora kleen for 2 days and water for a week. The leaves turned yellow indicating it was ready Completely dried then put in jars with 62% humidipacks and burped every day. It does seem to be getting better but I don't know if I've used silicon too late in flower. Can anyone help??
  19. Bur a bowl n post a pic of the ash. What medium did ya grow in? What was ur ppm of the run off? I ussually try to get it down to 150-200. Are ya coughing a lot or is it super harsh on ur throat?

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