Black and white inch worms=HORRIBLE

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    ok, i need some help, tried rings of salt, even a VERY tiny dose of sevendust since budding has NOT YET begun, and yet im still getting ravaged by little black and white inch worms, but here is the strange part, i have TWO outdoor babies, same strain, about 2 feet apart, yet only ONE is getting ravaged by inchworms the OTHER is pretty much untouched, the one getting eaten is actually a day older but the other has already caught and passed it in growth thanks to the worms

    I NEED HELP, even NEEM OIL did ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING :( are some Pics

    the first one, no inch worm problem, doing GREAT, this one remains 100% un-treated by ANYTHING, and yet it is almost untouched

    the second one, getting eaten ALIVE by inch worms, ive tried all i know to do so far with NO help at all

    this pic shows how fucking CLOSE they are together, yet they still only seem to be eating ONE of them
  2. A photo of the worms would be good! ...but you can try food grade diatomacious earth and dress the top of your soil with it, this will stop almost all crawling bugs, for them it's like walking on broken glass, rips their guts

    Salt, although meant well may haunt you later .. clean the area up, make life hard for those worms

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    the pic is from google but it is the same kind, i didnt see any in the trip i just made to the patch, but there is more damge than there was so i know they are still there, they do MOST the damge in early morning light when it is still cool



    and the salt ring was a good couple feet from the plants, no big deal, im on stand by with dolomite lime and PH Down to account for any issues it may cause
  4. No WORM but a caterpillar, the pros would say put it in a jar, and wait for it to blossom into a moth, by then you may have harvested, caterpillars go for the green leaves, that should be your area of concern, continue with the Neem Oil, foilar spray early morning or late at night, but please note, it take about a week for Neem Oil to kick in,it starves the bugs by blocking up their mouths etc.
    Failing that, consider a proprietary dust from your local garden shop.

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    i said inch worm not worm, i am fully aware of the difference, and i think i solved my

    i dug a 4 inch deep moat in a circle 3-4 feet from my plants in a circle around them both, i lined it with trash bags in filled it with water, after carfully making sure there were NO inch worms still around the plants. and making sure i stopped all the leaks in the moat.

    I will be adding new water to the moat every day, and it should keep crawling bugs out, meaning if it works, i can stop the use of oils and chemicals, the moat is about 6 inches across the water, so any crawling bugs trying to get to my plants will drown lol
  6. Good one King, put a few drops of Neem in your moat, just in case they try to swim, put up a pic in a week or two

    good luck

  7. lol, will do, and the neem isnt a bad idea xD...swimming inch worms lol
  8. yup, i failed

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