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Black and Mild Summer Blend

Discussion in 'General' started by SoulessStoner, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Go get one of these. Now. Get the wood tip.

    For real though, they're good as hell :smoke:
  2. are they new?

  3. Yeah. They taste and smell amazing. It's the dank of Black and Milds. I was attacked with a smell of citrus when I took the plastic wrap off. The taste reminds me of pineapple.
  4. yesss finally a fruity flavor,
  5. Yea I smoked a couple today they're real smooth and light and the taste is fruity. Also around here they are selling wood tip wines for 75 cents.
  6. shits nasty son
  7. Sound nasty as shit

  8. i just had one of these last week and they are amazing ... try smokin them after u smoked blunt.... chill af..
  9. Don't smoke black and molds lmfao
  10. Saw it today while I was high and the yellow box caught my eye I was like wtf!? So I bought one and do not regret that decision at all.
  11. Puffin' on a Black & Mild,, I know my lungs is blackened out
    Hot box like Pacquiao, packed in the steamroom
    That's ain't eucalyptus you sniffin' it's weed fool :smoke:

    love those!
  12. I'll have to try and find those tomorrow..

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