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Black and Mild and Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johhny Dukesup, May 9, 2010.

  1. Does anybody ever get a black and mild and mix it with weed? We used to do this sometimes where I used to live. But, I moved to East Ky and yesterday I was out with my buddies and told them I was gonna roll one and they acted like it was absurd or something. I personally don't smoke tobacco and I never have but, I like to chill with a Black&Weed. And no one would even smoke it with me, I smoked it all to myself, which you know that's fine by me. :D

    Does anyone else do this?
  2. Never tried it myself though I do like a good spliff. Next time I have a chance I'll give it a go.
  3. tobacco is wack
  4. that seems like a bad idea

    black and milds are cigars - not meant to actually be inhaled.
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    Did you break down the black and mild or did you just empty it and stuff it?

    the only reason I ask is black and milds have this really nasty nicotine paper (they have a seperate layer aside from the rap inside the cigar that is just like straight nicotine, or some other kind of poison that is just straight nasty, it looks like cardboard. It might just be cardboard; i could just be blown and making hasty assumptions.

    Regardless, nasty ass cardboard (possibly filled with more tar and shit, unnecessary.) or not the inner lining is why i go and pick up another type of cigar instead of fuckin with the b&m.

    With that logic, blunt smokers would be SOL :D

    Campbell, CA?

    I have no idea where that is, but Pasadena over hurrr
  6. I live in KY and I've seen people do it. It's not particularly my thing, but it's not unheard of either.
  7. By bad do you mean great? If so, then you're correct. ;)
  8. ive done it man i like it from time to time. like that guy said though you need to "hype" it "freak" it whatever you want to call it and remove the cancer paper. but id say keep doing it if nobody else wants to hit it. more for you
  9. Yeah, it's called the cancer paper. We took it out before we smoked it.
  10. nice meek millz avator/icon/thingie
  11. i used to freak a black and mind with really find ground up bud and then go to work. idk i know you aren't supposed to inhale cigar smoke but i do :rolleyes: wine wood tip is my favorite.
  12. :metal:

    Right on then my dude, I've only gone through all the trouble once, but it did taste pretty damn good as far as I can remember.
  13. Uh.... no

    Because blunts aren't made with cigar tobacco. Just the tobacco leaf.

    OP's talking about using the cigar tobacco mixed with weed
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    Oh...Yeah I completely misread this then, I thought he was just using the wrap. My bad.

    edit : ...I still don't really get this : you're talking about spliffing a B&M with that tobacco? That'll put some hair on your pecker..

    I just cannot condone that.

    In the name of taste, health, or the 2010 census.

  15. Actually. It's called CANCEL paper.
  16. Black 'n Mild + Weed = Black 'n Wild
  17. Inhaling cigars is too fucked up for me. I don't get spliffs either, smoking tobacco without a filter seems like it would fuck your lungs up ten times more
  18. Black and Wild.

    I like it.
  19. I know some people that do that up here in MN, but most people I know just empty out all the weed and roll a blunt instead.

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