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  1. i was watching the discovery channel 2day and they said that the homo sapien was our ancestor's hmmm and the homo sapien lived in africa with dark skin and big noses they said they had big noses so they wouldnt over heat in the hot africa sun so every body thats living 2day ancestor's was black matter of fact the first upright walkin mammal was found in africa so think twice b4 u drop the n bomb that and so u wont get yo ass beat
  2. Um, homo sapiens are modern humans.
  3. Ha! You both said homo....

  4. chart pretty much sums it up.

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  5. LMAO! :smoking:
  6. We're all from Africa, man.

    The cradle of mankind.
  7. yea man...homo sapien is just the scientific way to say human. It's kinda like when you tell someone that their epidermis is showing.
  8. Then why are there white people now, and still black people? Dont you think we all would have just stayed black?

  9. They moved to places farther away from the equator and their skin pigment adjusted?
  10. ^^^ good point. JOE>

    P.S. yeah they said HOMO haha!
  11. But not all black people live in africa, so wouldn't they all be adjusted too?
  12. Hmm, Ive never thought about that......Damn im gonna look it up
  13. Well alot of the non-afrocentric black populations are recent decendents of Africans; like the Carribeans.

    It would take dozens of generations of interracial breeding or thousands of years of evolution to develope pale skin.
  14. Why is it that we've got completely different hair? Doesn't that have anything to show about how we aren't related? Asian, mexican, caucasian all have the same hair.
  15. its all evolution man.

    you adjust to your surroundings.....eventually.
  16. Read the book Guns, Germs and Steel. It explains why civilizations are the way they are today. Why did europe industrialize and not africa? It's a sweet read.
  17. yea that chart does sum it up huh 2 bad its wrong jus like in every picture you see a white god you cant go from dark skin 2 light skin its jus not possible. rasta man back then everybody in africa was black there was no intermixing of races untill the homo saipen mover north and east when they moved east their skin color got lighter like green said ok hoast all the other races dont have the same hair you can tell under a microscope even if all hair colors was the same color that they are diffrent no we all would have not stayed black because the black people stayed in africa so they stayed black while they homo sapien moved north and east they found another race the nianderthas (dont no how 2 spell it but this is how u say it ni-and-der-thaws) thats when they started mating and diffrent races were born notice that all the diffrent races are all close 2geather none of the races were in north america yet.
  18. you just explained the chart i posted. :rolleyes:

    EVENTUALLY things change....the last guy represents what modern humans are like (not that humans are white, but body structure, posture, thinking ability, etc..).
  19. I think our rate of evolution is slowing, and that instead of changing ourselves to accomodate our surroundings, we change our surroundings to accomodate us.

    Humans are sick and selfish
  20. That's a good point, now that we've done the evolving, we now force the planet to evolve. o_0

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