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Black Afghani :0

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Airmax, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. So my dealer tells me he has some black afghani. He says its some of the dankest stuff hes ever had so im super excited to pick up an 8th of it tomorrow. Ill post pics tomorrow when i get it. I was just wonderin if anyone has ever Tried or heard of this Strain. Thanks
  2. I thought it was just a way to describe afghani hash, but apparently its a strain now too, looks dank:[​IMG]
  3. Well hopefully your dealer is tellign the truth, make sure to post pics of it when you get it:)

  4. My dealer only buys in Pounds and he shows me the Medical sticker with the strain name everytime i buy off him.(He gets it flown in from cali) So hopefully its legit
  5. Afghani black (aka sticky black) is a type of hash, as far as I was aware.

  6. Made me lol.
  7. yea dude as soon as he explain what his dealer said??

    fuck that


  8. My dealer is my sisters boyfriend, he actually does get it flown in i swear to god.He works with 3 other people and they get pounds at a time to sell. why would i make something like that up? to get attention on a website? nope i really dnt think so.
  9. I have some oil that I make from snakes that I would be interested in selling you. Its a cure-all.
  10. what the hell is afghani weed hahahah.

    it's supposed to be hash though, afghanistan is not a weed country, there weed is usually very dry and lacks the good smell.

    so make sure what exactly is he talking about cause he could be just fucking with you.
  11. Well if its true that is awesome, one of my dealers on campus once told me that they had some medical shit from Cali, I didnt belive him but turned out being pretty good
  12. Wow, you guys must not browse the forums too actively. From what I've heard, the majority of outdoor grown in the emerald triangle ALONE is for export. You do realize the cost effectiveness of flying (mailing) product rather than driving 2500 fuckin miles every week and a half

    edit: not too mention indoor, though I would imagine more of that would stay in Cali, but all the same, theres probably just as much bud comin from Oregon and Washington. Or Canada in my case, gotta love the Chi
  13. ^^^ yea for real you guys make me shake my head...... A lot of our bud here in cali is shipped elsewhere for obvious reasons. THe eeye gets less critical the farther away from cali and everyone wants cali buds. Not unlikely that peeps on the east coast and elsewhere get there lbs from CA.
  14. I know a couple dealers who get their shit mailed in from cali, it's really not that hard to believe.
  15. can we see some mothafuckin pictures?
    i want to see this black afgan.

    or ya know
    whenever you get the chance.
    id really like to see some pics of it
  16. If i had a nickle for every time i heard this..
  17. Ive had black afghan, it was legit.
  18. how do darker colord strains llike these
    never had the chance

    not even some purp

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