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Black Adder

Discussion in 'General' started by Tulku, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. Here's something for you cats that live in the UK. I just bought the complete Black Adder series and that shit is funnier than hell. Rowan Atkinson is one funny mofo, I can't wait til the complete Mr Bean set comes out.
  2. mr bean is absolute shit. Blackadder is THE shit. If you have seen blackadder II- episode called "beer" you will know where my status comes from. It got better after ben elton started writing on it. Blackadder I wasn't that funny... the rest werre great. You wanna try to get hold of "the young ones"- that was pure elton and it kicked so much arse. If there's one thing we english can do- it's comedy. Oh and fawlty towers was great too. I still watch that and laugh like fuck.
  3. why just in the UK?..I watch that shit!...Ive been watching Mr bean since I was a youngon..and then I got turned on to black adder a few years ago
  4. Well, Mr Bean was on HBO I have never seen Black Adder on any channel in the US.
  5. Its on all the time on OPB here.

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