Black 2ft triple chamber ROOR beaker AND KC Inline Tube

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  1. I bought the ROOR and KC Inline Tube. I am hitting the ROOR and my friend, the tool, is hitting the KC, with my inline AC. They both hit sooooo smooth. Ill get more pics and videos when there is some light and Im not so stoned :bongin:



  2. ahahahahahahahah

    "beautiful....YA BEAUTIFAAALLL"

    very nice.
  3. Is that an Avalon I see you smoking that nice pipe in? If so you sir have a bomb bong with a bomb car.:wave:
  4. it is a hybrid HIGHlander.... perfect? i think so.
  5. You should make a bong rack for your :smoking:lander. So you are always prepared for any situation. :D
  6. that sir, is a great idea. its going next to my gunrack :bongin:
  7. Haha your parked and your buddy is still wearing his seatbelt
  8. hence the label, tool. YEM, like the background music? its YEM, YEM.. hahaha
  9. fuckin sweet man, wish you hit me back today! haha sesh tomorrow
  10. nice roor dude
  11. bro im sorry! hahahah i had to get back to finish a math modeling competition. sesh soon for sure!!! i need a place to check out for slides... i want something epic for this bad boy hahah:smoking:
  12. who's the biscuit in that goofy sweatshirt...

    dope tubes, enjoy them!
  13. whats a biscuit man? hahah im wearin the sweatshirt, i love that thing man.:smoking:

  14. hell yeah man i've heard heady glass in denver has some really nice slides...and of course you have the fitter in boulder and kind creations in ft collins is way badass...idk though.

    i love that roor though man
  15. Where are you that your in the middle of a parking lot sitting in a car smoking a bong?
  16. Boulder, pretty stupid to be in the public, but we wanted to take one rip before the ride home. :bongin:
  17. damn i'd be scared to smoke out in the public, that shit is sweet tho man
  18. the ROOR hits like a champ, and the KC Inline rips sooooo smooth and clears really fast virtually no drag. Being two perc, the ROOR has some drag, but I kind of like it. :bongin:
  19. Nice pieces bad shiny jacket
  20. Both bongs are sick! +Rep

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