Discussion in 'General' started by MrSmokebigbuds, May 19, 2003.

  1. iam sick, eahh!
  2. im confused MrSBB, y u sick man??
  3. hope you feel better soon....sending lots of get well Karma your way.........Peace out.........Sid
  4. oh ya sick sick i thought u were sick in the other tyerm *LOL* man im gettin myself confused now. well n e wayz i hope u get beta dude ive been iLL recently too, has a throat infection, smokin too many blunts i guess ;):D
  5. yea everyone around here is sick, some bad whooping cough going round, shit knock u on your ass like a good bong hit of nugz!
  6. Hope you feel better soon..........lots of good karma from me to you!!!!!!!
  7. join the club.... me too...allergies mainly....crazy amounts of pollen round here...... an all that rain didn't help either...
  8. yeah gravy i kno wot u mean this time of year should b the the best but instead i gotta deal wid my hayfever and blocked up nose and itchy, burning up eyes. it sucks
  9. thanks, yeah its a mixs of a wooping chough, allergie attack, and a cold yea so iam down for the count...eah...more more more fell better karma PLEASE!!!..thanks!!
  10. You should try some Oil of Oregano, make sure you get the P-73 research grade type GNC sells it. The kind i use is brand name Oreganol.

    Hope ya feel better

  11. you should just smoke some weed, i find weed always helps alleviate cold symptoms! try to smoke out of a water bong so you dont smoke harsh smoke though.

  12. im ill too! last time i got sick forom mcdonalds i sed i wouldn't eat there again, but i did now i got proper food poisoning(apparntly) damn the ease of fast food!

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