Bkbroilers FIRST grow 250 W MH/HPS bag seed

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  1. 03/27/14
    day 27 flower
    Well I spent $15 on 2 sheets of 4x8 plywood at home depot to move my big girl out of the dank den. And I created the dank den 2.0! Really simple construction but it gets the job done. I painted the inside walls white too. Oh yeah, hello flowers!!!
    IMG_1723.jpg IMG_1724.jpg IMG_1756.jpg IMG_1767.jpg IMG_1765.jpg IMG_1766.jpg IMG_1760.jpg IMG_1763.jpg IMG_1762.jpg IMG_1764.jpg IMG_1761.jpg

  2. 04/05/14
    day 35 flower
    IMG_1806.jpg IMG_1813.jpg IMG_1815.jpg IMG_1821.jpg IMG_1823.jpg
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    Update? Likin the setup!
  4. Ill dump a bunch of pictures and shit from what I harvested. Been swamped in other things and kinda lost interest in this. But it came out decent
  5. Well I've finally moved on from this grow and can put the final pics up to put this thread to rest. Learned a lot. Made some mistakes. All in all, it was a good grow. But I made a detrimental mistake that fucked the grow. kinda. So I read that to induce flowering quicker, you could turn your light off for 48 hours and your plant will flower quicker. So I turned my light off, pulled the fan out of the doorway, and shut the door to my closet and left for the weekend. Well here's where I fucked the grow, and hopefully my wisdom will help a first timer like myself! Ok so if your going to grow in a closet you need to make sure there is enough moving air in there to keep other things from growing, mainly mildew. Which is what I got!!! I started noticing these white spots on some of the sun leaves. Didnt think anything of it until it started to spread to other leaves. Next thing I know im cutting more and more leaves off as the days go on. Finally looked it up and realized I had powdery mildew. After a stop to the hydro store, I realized that pulling the fan outta the doorway is what caused it. Bought a pesticide and sprayed the living fuck out the plant for like 5 days. Which thankfully stopped the mold from spreading but it also wasn't very kind to the plant either. I was still cutting leaves off and it really fucked up the plant. But anyways im over it! I just started an auto blueberry :metal: anyways heres the bud pics! cheers! sorry @[member="Dr.Dina"] lol kinda late on the upload hahaha 
    IMG_1854.jpg IMG_1856.jpg IMG_1857.jpg IMG_1863.jpg IMG_1864.jpg IMG_1866.jpg IMG_1876.jpg IMG_1894.jpg IMG_1895.jpg IMG_2148.png IMG_1936.jpg IMG_1939.jpg IMG_1949.jpg

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