Bkbroilers FIRST grow 250 W MH/HPS bag seed

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    day 31 veg
    ill start a journal of my first indoor grow since I just sit around all day staring at the damn thing. (hopefully its a girl!) Just a little background. Been germinating seeds for 5 seasons now to grow outdoors but have yet to make a successful harvest due to poachers! :mad: Finally made it off to college and got my own place so I figure this is the perfect way to ensure safety over my shit! So my setup is in my closet with a 250 W metal halide lamp suspended with strings from the rod that holds my clothes. Got the light out of a parking lot ^_^ So its got no type of hood, just a metal reflector. I had to do some wiring to it so that I could isolate the ballast from the light to keep temps down in the closet.
    I've got a bagseed in about a 1.5 litre pot with potting soil. (took it from my rents house!) The whole goal of this grow is to make a decent amount of dank without pumping much money, if any into this project.(broke college kid) So far I've spent $22 on food for the plant that I got at the local hydro store...
    IMG_1334.jpg (started feeding it on day 26 of veg)
    Now for the plant!
    The plan is to veg it until March 01 and then flip it. (i'd veg longer but Im going on a cruise early june) It broke the dirt on either December 28 or 29. And then i'll let it flower until its ripe! I dont know if its indica or sativa yet because the seed was given to me, so hopefully it doesn't flower on sativa time
    Im about 31 days into veg give or take (I never took specific note of when it broke surface)
    I started it on my nightstand with a cfl desk light under 24/0 for maybe 10 days. Then it got moved into the closet under the 250W MH. I'll post a few pictures leading up to the overall progress of today but Im pretty inconsistent as far as the light cycle goes because I dont run the light at night because its too bright and if I shut the door it gets too hot and I already figured out you can't reverse heat stress damage the hard way! :p But basically I keep the door open with a box fan in the doorway to circulate air.
    So whenever I feel like going to bed the light goes off, this could be anywhere from 9:00 at night to 1am. Im always up by 7am for class so its usually on by 7:30 depending on whether or not I remember to turn it on first thing in the morning. But the light usually goes off around 10-10:45. But sometimes I go out to another university for the weekend and leave it on 24/0. Not sure how this will affect it, looks like a healthy motherfucker to me so I dont really care. Anyways heres a few pics of it when I first started growing it and it got heat stress. I dont have any other pics documenting it up until today because I didn't know if I would make it all the way but im not turning back anymore! Unless its a god damn male :angry:
    Here it is when it was heat stressed like a mother
    This is the plant at 28 days of veg
    IMG_1328.png IMG_1326.jpg
    And finally today! :hello:
    IMG_1350.jpg IMG_1346.jpg IMG_1347.jpg IMG_1349.jpg IMG_1348.jpg

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    Ill probably update this journal every couple days or whenever something exciting happens so that the progress is easier to see. unless i see rapid growth from day to day, it'll probably be every 2-3 days. But i've never taken pictures everyday to make comparisons. By the way, every time I water, it gets food mixed in as well. And I probably give it a good cup (drinking cup) of water every other day; sometimes two if it goes an extra day to get extra air to the roots :D
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    day 33 veg
    Well last night the plant started to wilt like a bitch because it was so thirsty! Its the first time i've let it go that long without water :lol: I shoulda taken a pic just to show anyone what it looks like when your plant isn't getting enough water, oh well. Maybe another time. I also spilled the fucking liquid food all over my roommate's rug in the kitchen! I was high as fuck and he was standing right there too! Awk as fuck because his dad passed before he was born, and that rug belonged to his dad when he was in college back in the day. Im like uhhhh I got this dude. Busted my balls trying to get that fertilizer out; killed my buzz but I got it all out! :D  hahah here's some pic updates...
    IMG_1372.jpg IMG_1369.jpg IMG_1368.jpg IMG_1371.jpg
  4. HOLY SHIT! ITS A FEMALE!!!! :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: 
  5. I don't know, it appears to me that there's some early indications of male pollen sacs. Too bad homie...
  6. Please elaborate :D
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    day 34 veg
    Well I decided to transplant the mufucker since im 95% sure its female. Ran to the hydro store and got 12.5 gallons of fox farm dirt :yummy: Im just using trash bags for the time being until I transplant it before I begin flowering so it has plenty of room to let those roots go to town!
    Here she is!
    IMG_1380.jpg IMG_1381.jpg IMG_1382.jpg
  8. Your light seems a little to close to the clothes for my comfort.
  9. I keep a thermometer right above the light, constantly stays between 72-76. It also has a minimum and maximum temp of whats going on :metal:
  10. Just making sure you're safe man, no need for a fire or to get caught!
  11. haha my friend made me move the clothes when he saw your comment anyways! good looking though, because I wouldnt have moved them lol
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    day 37 veg
    Not a whole lot has been going on since my last post. Can definitely smell fresh weed when I go to bed now! She also has her first set of 7 speared leaves now!!!
    IMG_1408.jpg IMG_1407.jpg IMG_1409.jpg IMG_1410.jpg
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    day 38 veg
    I figured out the plant will stay more perky if I keep the closet door closed more than what I've been doing while im out for classes
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    day 42 veg
    Not a whole lot has been going on. I water the plant every 2 days now. I also attached a pic of the pre flowers. The plant was also topped 2 days ago.
    IMG_7088-1.jpg IMG_6659-1.jpg IMG_2169-1.jpg IMG_5433-1.jpg
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    I finally came up with a badass name for the plant!... Chichen itza. Its some famous historical archaeological site we were talking about in archaeology class today. Its pronounced like cheech-en eatsa :cool: The main stalk is now over 12 inches and the tips of the leaves are just under 14 inches
  16. 02/11/14
    day 45 veg
    Moved the light up. She is looking absolutely fantastic!
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    day 54 veg
    Well its been a minute since I've updated! This plant is looking so fucking good now. I decided to cut all the big ass fan leaves on the plant to let her bush out and get light to the lower branches. They were getting too big for my liking. I was a bit skeptical about doing it at first. But it looks so fucking good now. Sooooo fucking good! Its also 18 inches tall to the newest growth of leaf. Now for the pics!
    IMG_1485.jpg IMG_1487.jpg IMG_1498.jpg IMG_1511.jpg IMG_1512.jpg IMG_1513.jpg IMG_1516.jpg IMG_1517.jpg IMG_1521.jpg IMG_1524.jpg IMG_1526.jpg
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    day 59 veg
    Not a whole lot has changed. I trimmed up the stalk and cut off a few pussy branches that were pissing me off because it made the plant's shape look unbalanced. The light also got moved all the way up to the rail. Its now 22 inches
    IMG_1584.jpg IMG_1592.jpg
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    day 06 flower
    Sorry for not updating as much as I thought I would be able to. I've been mega busy with school and other things. I went to Ohio state for the Arnold Classic on Saturday morning and left the light off because I had no choice due to not having a timer yet. I read somewhere that a 24-48 hour dark period will trigger flowering quicker. Honestly havent read much about it but hopefully the plant wont hermie! The following day after the 36 hour dark period, I ran the light for 16 hours, then 14, then 8. and finally got the timer yesterday! Ive also been desperately waiting for the hydro shop to get their co2 bags in! They say these are gonna be super fresh and should last 8 months.
    I recently help setup a friends closet for 5 white widow autos. Their budget was whatever it would take, so I had a lot of fun taking them to our hydro store and picking out the professional shit! 600 W HPS with a raptor 6 hood. And then they got ocean forest dirt with a co2 bag. I also put a door on their closet and they rigged up their duct work to cool the hood. Lota fun for me! Now for the pics! (I hate the color spectrum of the HPS for pics :mad: )
    IMG_1666.jpg IMG_1670.jpg IMG_1672.jpg IMG_1637.jpg IMG_1646.png IMG_1664.jpg IMG_1665.jpg
  20. 03/20/14
    day 20 flower
    Well this thing has hit overdrive as far as its growing capabilities are concerned. I dont know how much longer i'll be able to keep it in my closet. Its getting pretty bushy in there! I also finally got my co2 bag! That thing has gotta be helping too. Its an original co2 bag if any of you guys know what they are. $30 on amazon.
    IMG_1709.jpg IMG_1704.jpg IMG_1705.jpg

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