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bizzle bunny funny money...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NuBBiN, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. dizzy dankness, its what we needness
    Sassy frassy to the bassy weeza gettin weedless...
    bustin ove' to yo home, on my minivan chrome
    sippy soup the dizzanko what we need massa holmes..

    I'd like a taste test, costco sam-plar
    Dont be skimpy now, that shit wont go far
    I put the scrilla in yo villa so you can buy grow-shreez
    flip it on the other side neeg ima need mo' trees

    We got them forests...bizzle-burnin till the break O dawn
    dont be clear cuttin brah, just pass me the bong
    wanna play a game with me? you gotta match me a ball
    count 'em one... two... treee... then take a fizzle-fatty draw!

    nah everybody knows wizzeeds harmless,
    but try n tell it to the gubby, and watch the duress,
    In their eyes they see it simply as the razzler of youth
    causin victims to nosh on tato salad N juice

    Only crimes been committed here are bizzles shortin points
    on their rictor scales...leavin' the shake for their joints
    "Massa holmes!" I proclaim, "gimme the kief that I purch-azzd"
    "No bizzle bugger!... ima tax you like the Poh-pazz!"

    Well god dee-am! Jimi Jo can take a hint!
    ima cry a little bert before i soon forgit
    about the harsh taxation in this nation i call home,
    For the love of freakin gizzle massa throw me a bone!

    Dizzle Dizzy!......Its a gooooT high!
    Everybody..........Should be feelin all riiiight..

    Gimme the push-popz! Chant it with me everybert!!
    Gimme the push-popz! Will of the people gettin hurt,
    when the po and her gubby come-a-knockin at the yurt,
    weeza eat the whole baggy, washin it down with yogurt

    Its trippy shippy time! Ima seeing wavy sheeeet!
    Shoulda thrown the baggy to the wind instead i had to eat,
    what i purched..
    it was mine for the take!..
    my one concern now,
    is if this po is gonna take,
    me to the beeg house,
    or just a fine for my time
    Massa meenas what they gave me....for my evil do crime

    So now I gotta earn some cash the only way I know how
    Ima go to the forest and cut some ol' growth down
    If ya know what i mean, ima slang some more green
    and If youre lookin to buy simply gimme a ring...
  2. wow.. umm... that was a little too creepy.. im not in the right state of mind for this shit... gimme like half an hour..
  3. woah...
    hot damn...
  4. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was great.....

    I totally gotta into that, I could hear it. It was awesome!

    I'm kinda lightheaded now i'm gonna go lay down smoke a bowl..... I'm to high better get even more high eh
  5. I hear the squishy footsteps of the Ice Cream the background, of course.
  6. i pictured the guy off "malibus most wanted" rhymin to that:D

    god damn hat was a funny movie, all them sterotypes;) like at his barmitzfa he's loike "OPP bitch" in this punkass little white boy voice. that mas the funniest part to me (kinda sad). i just say this movie to day by the way, so its still kinda fresh in my mem.. but yeah, you go send that to snoop dogg or somethin, hed use it, fro shizzle._
  7. chillen and feelin' queasy but not like spillin'
    im a dilligent beligerant but ive got that relaxed sentment
    ive got a bowl for fillin with results from my drug dealin'
    high right now but theres no tellin'
    how the night will end/or how my dollars will be spent
    i smoke in my shower so not to distrub my parent
    i smoke when im camping but just in a tent
    thres so much herb i hide in my wheel that the tire is bent
    what im tryin to say is im crazy for the grass
    or whatever you would call it
    pass a tiny peice and get a small hit
    but its better than nothin'
    specially money frontin/and you know i smoke before parties
    or before concerts get bumpin'
    so peace to all
    and get down to some music
    pick up some dancehall/i know we could use it

    peace out
  8. Evil kneeville, would be far beyond retrieval
    If he had the balls to try what me and I and we will,
    In the upcoming moments, after your upheaval
    all of your fuss, an' your muss, over what i find to be trivial

    I take a card from my wallet, have a seat at the desk
    Pull out sir snorty, and knight that bastard once-a-again,
    I bee-gin to crush up, what i believe, to be the best
    from a family, of some candy, that was sold-O-pon request.... he himself the one your listenin' to...
    ...the happy, crappy, sappy, jew...
    ...with a runny fucking nose, and some chattery teeth to chew

    Oh where art thou? sir snorty? I start to worry..about you..
    I need a repeat, how 'bout it? whats that? not in the mood?
    what do you mean? thats impossible! you traitor! fuck you!

    Luck has it, you "piece O..", it aint up to you know who!
    your only job is to tend, to my wishes, you fucking tube!
    so on that note, i wish the utmost of "happy rails, to you!"


    well yabby yabba yar, sheeza blows!
    down the hatch, sheeza burnin' all the way up the nose,
    well thats that! end of story, In all her powdered glory,
    I think i'll stop for a moment, to enjoy the warm glow....

    ....In my back... in my shoulders... in my brain... in my toes
    that was good smack, wonderful speed, fantastically fun coke
    I liked the ritalin, the adderall, the oxys, the hydroz
    hey man whats that pill? you dunno? give her a go!


    I think its time for a another drag off my cigarette,
    I need to move, to talk, simply express my tourette's
    a temptation, for your information, to jabber that i dont quite get
    but i forget, and alas, give it complete control of the set

    Her name is ecstacy, (no techno biatches not MDMA!)..
    ...its the loud EUPHORIA!....
    ....that i will love up until the day...
    ....that i may leave this world...
    ....and begin the journey as it may... that big...
    ....powdered doughnut..
    ....minus the drips...
    ....up in spaaaaace...

    ...."god damn" i hear the echos.."what a fuckin' disgrace!"
    "what you're doing is gross!"... (as mcdonalds stuffs your face)
    Yeah great, leave a message, and remind me to give a fuck..
    what you think..its what i do... it's simply how i play my luck..

    ..nobody asked if i liked it, when they guzzled their morning cups..
    ..of joe..
    ...or popped benadryl...
    ...or their Tussin DXM syrups...

    .."its simply for work... or sleep" you say? oh well nevermind then thats ok..
    .."simply for fun" i respond.."GOD DAMN!..ITS AS IF THE DEVIL SPAWNED!"

    Oh yeah...i Freakin' Taboo...MD..
    nice to meet can find me..on the line.. at the city
    But if you wanna know the truth, im someone else under these..
    ..influences from "Uncle Druggist," and "Prince Puckler Sir Snorty"

    Which brings me waaay fuckin back to my original point..
    ..that a pharmacist...under the cloak of a hazy night..
    You can find me trippin' balls while settled is a joint..
    ..between my lips, with some drips, flowing freely from my right..
    ..Nostril-damos...the one and only..poetic it feels..
    but once its gone who will hold me? i'll be handed back the wheel..

    god damn it was fun though while it lasted..
    I wish i had a dollar, for every time i got blasted..
    ..I'd turn that shit around and buy me some more fantastic..
    ..drugs...and bugs... and beezle bogger basket-ballz.. gonna fall.. the hall..
    ...if i dont give up and crawl...
    ..into my bed..
    ..and lay my head..
    ..on the pill..

    ...OH!... the way.. may be hear-say..
    ..but i saw him on the go today..
    ..sellin goodies, popcicles, and his world famous candaay..

    ..twas the Ice Cream Man himself, He says "Hello!"..
    .."have a nice day.."
    ..."simply go with your own flow"..
    .."be yourself do what you say"...

    ..(can we get an AH-MAINE!?)..

  9. hey ya drunken aussie! if ya cant beat em..join em..the best freestillz are the belidgerant ones mate...let it flow old tima
  10. I smoke crack because I have a broke back
    Hop in the chair and go get s'more of that
    Colin blows and he doesn't grow weed
    But if you need the fake trainwrecks he's got what you need

    One time I fought a robot for money
    I was really high and I said "No way, honey"
    My perception was skewed so I thought I had it all
    But I wasn't so cocky when he started stomping on my ball

    In case you were wondering I'm talkin' bout my testicle
    I never throw my weed in the nearest trash recepticle
    If you think you're fly I'd like to see you hit dave bong
    It's big and glass and fancy and it's 2 1/2 feet long

    If you think you're hip to my flow you've got a long way to go
    I smoke weed more than Snoop Dogg, act like you know
    One time I was walking down the street and I saw a cat
    I blew weed smoke in his face and he got high and Julia sucks
  11. man o man....dave booooong....julias gonna tear you a new one "czar"..

    free spirits dont have to use shotguns!

  12. aaaaand thats why there aint many aussie rappers

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