Bitter Sweet Strawberry Dro.

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  1. After a good month-long t break some friends and i had planned a trip to go camping, you know walk a few trails smoke a few bowls, etc. So the night before we leave I decided to pick up a few grams of some dank strawberry and head to a spot that was usually "safe" to toke a bowl and take a nap. :rolleyes:

    As I'm loading a bowl i see three people out in the distance (which i later figured was a group of self-righteous assholes called the neighborhood watch), but i just assume its some people trying to get some air or relax or whatever. I toke about half a bowl, until suddenly a police car slowly comes to the side of me with its high beams on to see inside cars and the field i was near. So i stay completely still with my head down so they don't stop near me.

    As soon as they get out the car they start waving around flashlights towards me and the people in the field. So I open up my fresh sack and chew up all my weed and swallow a good nug or 2. Then it fucking hits me. "Drive the fuck off, leave your lights off ." :eek:. So i calmly leave and dodge the cops but spent the night picking my teeth out.
  2. classic example of what's referred to as a rook move.
  3. LOL now you have no weed. I would've rolled up my bag and set the bowl down and gotten out and walk around until they left.
  4. Haha the weed's still smoke-able, i didn't eat it all, luckily :D

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