Bits of Bud (I think) Stuck in peculators

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  1. Hey guys so basically I've had this bong for a few months now and I've noticed some shit in the peculators that has started popping up like mad, I think its parts of bud but I dont know how thats possible seeing as i used a gause/screen each time i smoke can anyone tell me what the hell this is? worried it may be fungus or something + how would i go about cleaning it cheers.
    Looks pretty nasty so if you're wondering why I havent cleaned it, its because I live in the UK and for some reason they dont sell 99% alcohol for cleaning (bullshit i know) i've tried hot water with salt, and bong cleaner which does nothing so any suggestions on cleaning it would be helpful.


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  2. Soak the piece in concentrated simple green for a few days. Or regularly clean your piece...

    Better yet, avoid low-end glass with tree percs.

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  3. Use 91%iso...

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  4. Or even 70% and let it sit... You have options OP. Even just put it in a pot of cool water, put it on the stove until it boils, and then let the entire pot cool down. Then do a quick wash, leave it under the faucet to get it all out. 
    I've never seen a bong get so nasty to be honest. My bubbler gets bad sometimes because i left it outside all rezed up all the time. there was even a spider living in it once and we still smoked out of it. But that's kind of nasty OP.
    I'd get a new one.

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